‘Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel’ Art and Screenshots Revealed


Today’s official announcement of the upcoming Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel DLC was accompanied by an all-new trailer and a wealth of art and screenshots. These images reveal quite a bit about the upcoming expansion for From Software‘s epic RPG. Here are all of the new pictures, accompanied by the official descriptions from Bandai Namco.

A girl sits in a chair too large for her size. She gives off a childish demeanor but looks to be older than she seems. Who is she exactly and what is she looking at?
A meager monster with the head of an oversized baby bird. Its weak back cannot endure the weight of its head causing it to slouch. It also seems to be dragging its organs across the ground and is shivering from the cold.
A long and unstable bridge crosses a snowy ravine bringing a knight towards a bell tower with a missing bell.
A lonely knight is caught in a chilling snow storm. What horrors await them in the heavy snowfall?
An old man in a red hood respectfully holds out a dingy piece of cloth. Blood-red paint stains the cloth. “Please show the fire to the lady,” he asks you.
Something grotesque and grim is wriggling in the darkness. It is said these infested things are feeding on the putrid remains of the world.
A man is strapped down to a chair and is peering into the depths of a large golden cistern. What does he see when he gazes into the darkness?
The back of a slender knight holding an elegantly designed sword consumed in a colorless and withered fire. This is one of the new items players will find on their journey through Ashes of Ariandel.
A new type of magic that produces a storm of frigid air found in Ashes of Ariandel. Was this magic born in the snow of this frozen world?
A mage fires off a circlet to take down an enemy in the distance and comes back to the mage like a boomerang. Interestingly, this new miracle closely resembles the symbol of The Way of White.
A group of undead are pitted in combat against each other. Ashes of Ariandel expands upon the popular competitive multiplayer mode of Dark Souls III.
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