‘Daredevil’ Season Two Gets A Trailer and Release Date

Drew Dietsch
TV Marvel
TV Marvel

Netflix continues its domination of your time with a new season of the binge-worthy Daredevil. Get your first look at the trailer, which also gives us the long-awaited release date:

There were rumors that Daredevil‘s second season would drop the same weekend as DC’s Batman v. Superman, but Netflix/Marvel did the smart thing and decided to release the new season a week before, giving people plenty of time to digest the new batch of episodes and to monopolize a week’s worth of the Internet’s mandatory discussion time.

But beyond the show’s clever scheduling, there’s no doubt now how focused on The Punisher this new season will be. His emblem is engulfing the entirety of the teaser’s final image, and if the scuttlebutt is to be believed, this season could work as something of a backdoor for Frank Castle to get his own Netflix show. Actor Jon Bernthal has an enormous task ahead of him, seeing how no filmed version of The Punisher has seemed to captivate a wide enough audience to stick around for a second outing (which is a shame because Punisher: War Zone is an unappreciated blast). Knowing the kind of powerhouse performer Bernthal is (Shane is still my favorite character to appear on The Walking Dead), there’s a very good chance that this Punisher will be the first to warrant a revisit in one form or another.

The first season of Daredevil hit a few bumps along they way, but it set a solid foundation for a second season that could really be something special. Matt’s got his signature costume, the Kingpin has a serious vendetta against The Man Without Fear, and the supporting cast have had plenty of time to get through some of their growing pains. After the success of Jessica JonesDaredevil is poised to be another of Marvel’s superhero shows to make a strong case for preferring the small screen over the cineplex when it comes to its street-level heroes.

Daredevil‘s second season lands in its entirety on Netflix on March 18th.

daredevil season two poster
Drew Dietsch
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