Why Damage Control Coming to the MCU Is Awesome

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Spider-Man: Homecoming dropped a new trailer and the Internet is buzzing. There’s a lot to pick out, but our favorite bit of info is about Damage Control. If you watch the trailer, you’ll see a news broadcast that shows Tony Stark‘s face above a chyron that reads: “Breaking News: Damage Control.” This has fans giddy with excitement, but you might be asking yourself what all the hubbub is about.

What Is Damage Control?

Damage Control was a group that appeared in their own limited comic series back in 1989. The premise of the group was that they were the team that came in after a big superhero battle was finished. They’d clean up the wreckage as well as deal with any aftermath. For example, one issue had a Damage Control accountant trying to get a check from Doctor Doom. It was a humorous idea that led to a lot of comical shenanigans.

However, it wasn’t just comedy that Damage Control brought to the table. They offered a very human perspective in a world populated with superpowered beings. Alex Ross’s Marvels followed a similar idea, but treated it with much more reverence. Damage Control was always about relating the Marvel universe to the common citizen. Director Jon Watts has said he wanted to make a movie that looked at the MCU from a ground-level perspective. You don’t get much more “ground-level” than Damage Control!

Why We’re Excited

damage control team

We at Fandom have been talking about all the possible ways Damage Control could continue after their appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming. A couple of years ago, there was a Damage Control television series in the works. Could Spider-Man: Homecoming work as a backdoor pilot for this idea? And what about the Vulture? Does his working class crew end up sprouting out of Damage Control? Is that how he and his villainous buddies like Shocker are able to get their hands on Chitauri tech?

There are so many avenues this idea could pursue. The concept allows for the MCU to tell stories it hasn’t really explored before. And anything that positions these larger-than-life adventures from the point-of-view of regular folks sounds like a blast. Here’s hoping that Damage Control can act as a wonderful way to have cameos from other MCU giants as well as introduce smaller characters that fans have been waiting to see.

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