Why Daenerys Targaryen Should Rule Westeros

Drew Dietsch
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen has all the makings of a great ruler, perhaps the greatest ruler Westeros has ever seen. Dany has evolved from the meek, timid girl she once was into a fierce, sometimes merciless, yet still extremely compassionate leader.

When she first appeared in the series, her cruel and abusive brother, Viserys, overshadowed and manipulated her, marrying her off to the leader of a savage tribe of Dothraki warriors in order to secure an army.

But Viserys’s rash, impulsive and petulant behavior ended when Dany’s Dothraki husband, Khal Drogo gave him the crown he so desperately wanted.

Following both Viserys’ and Drogo’s death, Daenerys has truly been through all manner of struggles and managed to come out, if not on top, then at least unbroken and undefeated.

From being abandoned by Drogo’s khalasar, to virtually dying of thirst and starvation in the Red Wastes, to being betrayed by her trusted bodyguard Ser Jorah Mormont. Finally, to being held captive by a rival tribe of Dothraki. Daenerys has met all of these challenges and faced them head on with steely resolve, tact and intelligence.

And she’s done this while leading her own khalasar comprised of freed slaves, Unsullied warriors and the few of Drogo’s khalasar that didn’t abandon their khaleesi.

Along with her three dragons and the army she’s amassed, Daenerys has proven herself to be a strong and capable, if occasionally violent and vengeful leader. She’s ruled not just her khalasar, but also the city-state of Meereen.

She’s masterfully managed to build alliances with Tyrion Lannister and Yara Greyjoy and has set sail across the Narrow Sea to make her play for the Iron Throne.

Not only does Daenerys have a keen military mind, she’s also incredibly compassionate. The abuse she suffered at the hands of her brother has given her immense empathy for the downtrodden of the world and she has a particular distaste those who enslave.

With an assuredly brutal struggle for control of Westeros looming, it’s anyone’s guess who may ultimately emerge victorious. But given all the hardships she’s faced, the battles she’s already won, and, let’s not forget, her three dragons, Daenerys Targaryen may be the safest bet and most worthy candidate to sit upon the Iron Throne.

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