What Did ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Do This Week?

Travis Newton

When we last left the citizens of West Covina, Rebecca Bunch had planned an emergency wedding with the (supposed) man of her dreams: Josh Chan. Why an emergency wedding? Because Rebecca, unstable as ever, acknowledged her attraction to her boss by kissing him in the elevator at work. Oops. Now she’s overcorrecting, trying to smooth everything over. But planning a wedding in two weeks isn’t easy, as we find out in this week’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

“Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?”

While it mostly served as a speedbump on the way to next week’s season two finale, this episode had a few satisfying payoffs and interesting setups. Rebecca went manic while planning for the wedding, she crashed, and her friends came to her aid yet again. But the wedding is still on, and her marriage to Josh (if everything goes as planned) will rest on weak supports. She and Josh still sit in the bubble of delusion, but Josh is starting to get some perspective.

But the most interesting plot beat this week was Valencia’s. If you had told me at the beginning of this season, that she’d be planning Rebecca and Josh’s wedding, I would’ve scoffed. But the show’s writers clearly defined Valencia’s arc and motivations. She planned a future for her and Josh, and now she’s reeling from the complete dissolution of that future. Valencia even questions her career as a yoga instructor. So with a control freak’s mindset, a pre-planned wedding, and a desire to change her career, this all makes sense.

Seth Green’s guest role as Patrick, the delivery man, was a little flat. But he did share a great musical number with Rebecca this week, and it’s called…

“Tell Me I’m Okay”

This soaring Broadway ballad is one of the best songs of the season. It’s heartbreaking and real, evoking the desperate want for emotional validation we all need sometimes. Rebecca’s monologue about the desire to feel normal is painfully relatable, especially when she says “it feels like there’s something I’m missing out on.” We all know it’s normal to freak out sometimes, but for Rebecca, this is something more. Her mental illness (and her reluctance to seek treatment) makes her feel ostracized, like she can’t participate in normalcy. It’s an awful feeling, and this sequence expresses it beautifully. It’s funny, too — Seth Green posing on that piano got a good laugh out

The B-plot this week focuses on Nathaniel. After he and Rebecca kissed last week, he can’t get her off his mind. To compensate, he’s doing a juice cleanse. But a bad batch of the good stuff causes some nasty gastric issues at work. Nathaniel tries to fight through it like his father expects him to, but Darryl convinces him to rest for a while.

“Man Nap”

This Guns N’ Roses-style glam metal tune is entirely superfluous but still fun. The pyrotechnics are hot, and the wigs are glorious. But back in reality, Nathaniel gets a few hours of restorative sleep. But an unexpected visit from Nathaniel’s perpetually disapproving dad serves as a rude awakening. Paula, who also had a rocky relationship with her father, finally sees a touch of humanity in her overbearing boss.

And let’s not forget that Rebecca and her father have a sour history, too. After Rebecca’s dad says he can’t attend her urgent wedding, Nathaniel pays for a private jet to fly him into West Covina. It’s a heartwarming gesture that also seems a bit invasive — that’s why Nathaniel has Christian Grey vibes about him.

But all in all, this episode further reinforces that no matter how magical the wedding will be, the marriage could be a sham. When the bubble of delusion around Rebecca and Josh bursts, what will they have left? And what the hell is Trent planning?


  • A rare glimpse of Sunil! Hopefully, the show’s recently announced third season will feature much more of him. He’s starting to feel like a minor accessory to Paula.
  • What is it with mason jar weddings?
  • Valencia is a bitter ray of sun. “I make my own candles so rooms smell like me even when I’m not in them.”
  • Father Brah packs the wisdom. “Make sure this wedding is happening with you and not to you.”
  • I feel like we didn’t get enough Heather this season. “Do you have wines?”
  • Paula WENT TO TOWN on Naomi! Hallelujah! “Sometimes moms just come through.”
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