‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Recap & Reaction: Season Two Premiere

Travis Newton

When we last left Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Rebecca Bunch and Josh Chan, they concluded a great season of television by finally hooking up in the back of a red convertible. Rebecca admits to Josh that she moved to West Covina to pursue a relationship with him. Then she says, “I’m so excited that our love story can finally begin!” From the look on his face, we can tell that Josh is wondering just what the hell he’s gotten himself into. To find out what happened on last night’s season two premiere, read on!

The premiere begins 15 minutes after the previous episode. Rebecca and Josh drive, looking stiff and awkward. When Josh asks what she meant about “their love story,” Rebecca refuses to admit she said it. In fact, she claims Josh said it. She blames him for inappropriately bringing up love after they’ve only just reunited. Josh apologizes, even though he hasn’t done anything wrong. Rebecca “forgives” him and asks if he wants to get some fast food. He agrees. Roll the brand new opening credits!

Show creators Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna had been planning on creating a new opening credits song for every season. I miss the first season’s song (she’s so broken insiiiiide!), but this new one is growing on me.

Three Weeks Later

Things seem to be going pretty well with Rebecca and Josh. Josh is living at Rebecca’s place but plans on getting an apartment of his own. He and Rebecca are enjoying their (ahem) intimacy, but Josh insists on sleeping on the couch. Rebecca convinces him to keep some of his clothes in her bedroom dresser.

At the law firm, Paula is worried that Josh is using Rebecca for sex. She also worries that Rebecca made a terrible mistake when she admitted moving to West Covina to pursue Josh. When she asks Rebecca about Greg, Rebecca claims he’s been staying in Los Angeles. She also says that she’s over Greg, but Paula isn’t so sure. In fact, Paula thinks that Greg might’ve been better for Rebecca than Josh is. “Besides the sex, what evidence do you have that [Josh] cares?” That brings us into…

Love Kernels

Our first proper “music video” of the new season is a spoof of Beyonce’s Lemonade — a song about all the little things Josh does and says to Rebecca. She takes them as proof of his love, but it’s hardly convincing. It’s great video, and the show knows it. The best lyric? “This video ate up our production budget.”

At home, Paula gossips to her husband Scott about Rebecca and Josh. She’s been trying to be less involved in Rebecca’s romantic life, but it’s not working. Paula’s love life has improved quite a bit, though, so good for her. But there’s still something missing in her life, and she is filling the void with Rebecca’s misadventures.

At the bubble tea stand, Josh and one of his bros talk about Josh’s living situation. Josh wants to maintain his independence, but admits that the sex with Rebecca is “unbelievable.” When his friend suggests that Rebecca is a little crazy, Josh dismisses it. But later, when his wrists are sore after some handcuffed lovemaking, he looks doubtful.

That night, Josh has a hilarious nightmare that Greg has come back to Rebecca’s apartment. Because Rebecca and Greg never officially broke up, the dream brings up all the doubts that Josh has had about his relationship with her. He pulls all his clothes out of Rebecca’s dresser, and puts his relationship with Rebecca “on pause” until they can get some closure with Greg.

Santino Fontano as Greg Serrano.

The Greg Situation

While trying to locate Greg, Rebecca goes to Greg’s dad. He turns Rebecca away, and we learn that Greg has been staying with his father since the drunken wedding disaster in last season’s finale.

Since he has nowhere else to go, Josh decides to move back in with his parents. At the law firm, Rebecca begs Paula to help her find Greg. Daryl gives White Josh the key to his apartment, and it looks as though their relationship is going swimmingly.

Paula uses her Batman skills to track Greg’s phone, proving he has been in West Covina these last few weeks. One of his most frequently visited locations is a meeting place for Alcoholics Anonymous. Rebecca has a sudden realization — we see a brief recap of Greg’s alcoholic red flag moments from season one.

Rebecca and Paula eavesdrop on Greg speaking at an AA meeting. He reveals that after leaving the wedding reception, he was arrested for drunk driving. A judge ordered him to go to the meetings for 30 days straight. Greg admits to the group that he is an alcoholic and that AA has helped with his anger and self-loathing.

The Contract


Over a glass of tequila, Paula speaks to her husband about her addiction to Rebecca. The next day at work, Rebecca tries to concoct a scheme to tell Greg about her relationship with Josh. Paula draws the line, refusing to participate in anymore immoral or illegal schemes with Rebecca.

To make this official, Paula has drafted a contract for Rebecca to sign. Rebecca is hurt, but Paula admits she wrote the contract because she can’t trust herself. Rebecca reads the contract, compliments Paula’s legal work, and signs. They share a very touching moment.

Back at Rebecca’s place, her doorbell rings. It’s Josh, looking to pick up a pair of socks he left. Rebecca admits to Josh that he was right to feel guilty about their relationship without telling Greg. She proposes that she and Josh shouldn’t act romantic until they can find a more opportune time to tell Greg. So, of course, Rebecca and Josh act very romantic indeed during a short musical duet.

A brief montage ties it all up. Josh and Rebecca sleep in the same bed. Greg is doing okay. Darryl and White Josh are in love. And Paula is applying to law school.


  • Not a single character has made some weird “course correction” between seasons. The characters are all on the paths established in season one. God, I love good writing.
  • Where the heck is Valencia in all of this?
  • Rebecca is proud that she manipulated Josh into apologizing for things he didn’t actually do. Good god, Rebecca is messed up.
  • I have to applaud this show for how it uses conflict. As light-hearted as this show may seem, there is dark substance at its core. And the story is always driven by characters with realistic flaws and misguided intentions. It’s why Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of the best shows on TV.
  • I love that show is still doing little reality-breaking moments before the end credits. In this week’s moment, Rebecca has to tell one of the dancers from the new opening title song that she’s imaginary. She disappears in a puff of smoke.

That’s it for the season two premiere of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! Check back next Saturday for the next recap and reaction.

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