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Crash Course: Everything You Need to Know About ‘Finding Dory’

It’s been over a decade since a forgetful blue fish named Dory charmed her way through Pixar’s Finding Nemo. Now she’s back — though her memory is still not — in her own journey to find…herself. Before you catch the movie in theaters on June 17, watch the above video for everything you need to know about Finding Dory.

A year after Dory helped reunite clownfish Marlin and his son Nemo, the trio is back swimming along in the Great Barrier Reef. Something triggers a flashback for Dory, and she suddenly remembers her biological family. Eager to find her parents, this California girl travels across the Pacific back to Monterey’s Marine Life Institute, the aquarium where she was born.

The Marine Life Institute is also a rescue and rehabilitation center, and it provides a new world to explore, with tanks, pools, educational exhibits, and a murky kelp forest just outside the Institute.

Familiar faces such as Marlin, Nemo, The Tank Gang, Squirt, Crush, and Mr. Ray lend a fin or two along the way. And new sea friends, all with their own idiosyncrasies — a cantankerous septopus, a near-sighted whale shark, a dramatic beluga whale, a couple of lazy sea lions, a wacky loon, and of course, Dory’s parents — will make this an adventure you won’t forget.

FINDING DORY – When Dory finds herself in the Marine Life Institute, a rehabilitation center and aquarium, Hank—a cantankerous octopus—is the first to greet her. Featuring Ed O'Neill as the voice of Hank and Ellen DeGeneres as the voice of Dory, "Finding Dory" opens on June 17, 2016. ©2016 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

"Finding Dory" introduces new characters to the big screen, including a whale shark named Destiny who's nearsighted, and a beluga whale named Bailey who thinks his biological sonar skills are on the fritz. Featuring Kaitlin Olson as the voice of Destiny and Ty Burrell as the voice of Bailey, "Finding Dory" opens on June 17, 2016. ©2016 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

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