Crash Course: ‘Daredevil’ Season 2

Billy Arrowsmith
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Season 2 of Netflix’s Daredevil is coming out tomorrow, and we’re excited to see a bunch of new characters and storylines from the comics. Are you not up to speed? We’ve put together a quick handy guide to get you informed if you love Daredevil but don’t read comic books. We’re also gonna do a little bit of show catchup, in case you’re like me and you watch so much television that it all sort of bleeds together in your brain. Get caught up and then some with our Crash Course for Daredevil!

Season 1 Recap

There’s really no excuse for you to have not watched season 1 yet, but it’s been a year. Maybe you’ve forgotten the important details. I forgive you. That’s just the kind of great magnanimous guy I am. Let’s review, and I’ll try to keep it as free of major spoilers as possible.


Daredevil! You remember the main character, right? Oh man, the good times we had, the laughs we shared… Season 1 was pretty much all origin story and we’re only just now getting ol’ lovable Hornhead as we know him in the comics. After several months of anonymous vigilante activity, blind attorney-by-day Matt Murdock finally put on a red suit with horns to take down NYC’s “Kingpin” Wilson Fisk. There was a huge rift between Murdock and his best friend Foggy Nelson after Foggy learned about Matt’s vigilante activity, but they’ve patched that up. They are once again the closest of friends, and the Nelson and Murdock law offices are open for business. Their secretary Karen Page is back to work alongside them, safe now that Fisk is no longer threatening her life.

Kingpin in Prison Daredevil

We already know that most of this new season is going to be about Daredevil’s conflict with the Punisher, but there are still a couple of baddies floating around from last season.

  • Kingpin appears to be safely in custody until they’re willing to shell out for Vincent D’Onofrio again.
  • Leland Owlsley, who becomes the supervillain “The Owl” in the comics, also seems to be out of the game. We do however know that he has a son named “Lee” who might take his place.
  • The ninja order known as “The Hand” are expected to make an appearance this season after Daredevil beat their New York representative Nobu in Season 1.
  • Melvin Potter has reluctantly worked for the Kingpin, and helped Daredevil develop his suit, but we haven’t seen Potter become the Gladiator like his comic book counterpart yet.
  • We can also expect another appearance by Daredevil’s estranged mentor Stick, who Daredevil has banished from New York for his willingness to kill. Stick is also Elektra’s mentor in the comics, and a scene where he interacts with Stone in Season 1 hints at the order known as the Chaste making an appearance sometime soon.

Alright, onto the new characters…

Blake Tower

Blake Tower D129 01

Blake Tower is a lawyer in the Marvel Universe who has assisted many superheroes. In his original appearance in the Daredevil comics, he ran against Foggy Nelson for New York district attorney and won. Tower has represented Spider-Man in court multiple times, prosecuted the Punisher, and worked heavily alongside his fellow attorney She-Hulk. In the TV show, Tower will apparently assist Daredevil by giving him information to help capture criminals.

Elektra Natchios

Elektra Marvel Comics

Elektra is one of the world’s greatest assassins, as well as a wealthy heiress who happened to date Matt Murdock in college. When Murdock failed to save her father from getting killed by terrorists, she left to travel the world and further her martial arts training. Elektra had several teachers, including Daredevil’s mentor Stick and the evil organization known as the Hand. Eventually, she decided to become an independent killer-for-hire and returned to New York City where she began working for the Kingpin. Elektra has a complicated relationship with Matt because they both still have feelings for each other, but they are now both very different people than when they were dating. In the show, it’s unclear whether Elektra will be a hitman, and she seems to have no connection to the Kingpin. But she seems to be someone who’s not afraid to kill to get what she wants.

Frank Castle

Punisher MAX

Frank Castle, also known as the Punisher, is an ex-Marine who handles criminals with lethal force. After his wife and children were killed during a mob shootout, he dedicated his life to putting an end to crime once and for all. Using his expertise in military weapons and strategy, he hunts down and murders any criminals responsible for the death of innocents. Castle is frequently accused of being just as bad as the criminals he kills, considering the sheer number of people he has slaughtered over the years. He does live by a strict code of honor, though, and always meticulously prepares his killzones so that no innocents can get caught in the crossfire. Castle is uncompromising in his one-man war and will not let anyone get in his way.

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