Why the Crash Bandicoot Remastered Trilogy is Going to Be AWESOME


Last week during their E3 press conference, Sony announced that the first three Crash Bandicoot games are being remastered for the PlayStation 4. There hasn’t been a true Crash game in eight years, and fans have been clamoring for way too long to see Crash make a triumphant return, preferably in a PS4 debut. Here are a few reasons why we can’t wait to play the remastered trilogy.

The Possible, Long-Awaited Debut of Stormy Ascent


Stormy Ascent was a level that was infamously dropped from the original Crash Bandicoot for being too difficult, and may return in the remastered trilogy. It makes sense, as disc space is no longer a concern, and the level was already completed for the original game. It could even be accessed off the old disc using a GameShark peripheral. This could add even more of a challenge to what’s already a tricky game, and give something for the most skilled gamers to struggle with. Moreover, it will be fresh content most have never seen before, which is something we hope to see more of in the remastered releases.

Bug Fixes

Let’s face it, the Crash games are very glitchy. With a corruption glitch plaguing much of Cortex Strikes Back, and overpowered jumping mechanic glitches which make the games far too easy, removing these glitches and exploits will improve the overall experience, and provide a new challenge for veteran players.

It’s Only the Beginning!


Crash is back! That alone is reason enough to get excited. The announcement of the remastered trilogy created record traffic on Bandipedia and caused social networks to melt down. Crash now has the chance to capture the hearts of a new generation and take his rightful place in the pantheon of gaming alongside the likes of Mario, Pikachu and Sonic, as a true legend returns home to games consoles right where he belongs.

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