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Cookie Lyon on ‘Empire’: Girl, Can I Borrow That?

It may be trite, but the fashion sense of Cookie Lyon on Empire deserves special attention. In the wake of last season’s literal cliffhanger which featured two characters fighting on a New York City balcony, fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting the season 3 premiere. While we’re unsure of the fate of those two, what we do know is Taraji P. Henson’s stunning portrayal of the Lyon matriarch– Cookie — will be back in full effect, looking as fabulous as ever.

From her bold and bright prints, to vintage haute couture and every statement fur coat under the sun, Cookie’s fashion stylings have empowered everyday women to dress a little more fiercely and reclaim their space.

In this edition of Girl, Can I Borrow That?, we take a look at every time Cookie’s outfits told us she’s here to get what’s hers.

When she stepped out of prison after 17 years


After taking the fall for her ex-husband Lucious, Cookie plots to attain her half of the record label he created while she was on the inside. You can tell she means business because fur + cheetah print = BUSINESS.

When she was “not here for a friendly get-together”

Business in the front...
... party in the back.

Say what you will about Cookie; she certainly knows how to grab your attention.

When she took the purple fur to the boardroom


When you match the fur with the shade of lipstick, you know it’s going to be a good day.

When she gave us all life while wearing vintage Givenchy


All class and all sass.

When we see Cookie’s second-best ass grab dressed head-to-toe in Moschino


Strutting away like a luxurious jigsaw puzzle.

 When she gave Naomi Campbell a piece of her mind


Naomi Campbell was MADE for the role of Camilla; RIP you fabulous hot mess.

This. Ivory. Gucci. Jumpsuit.

Cookie Lyon on Empire

Enough said.

Empire returns to FOX September 21, but you can re-live all your favorite moments on the Empire Wiki.

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