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Comic Teams That Had Their Own Brexit

I’m not entirely sure how much coverage it received overseas but Britain and Europe have been going through some things for the past few months and it’s all come to a head. England (but not Scotland or Ireland) has just voted out at 51.9%. By out, I am talking about the EU. To use America an example, this is somewhat like Alaska just deciding to go it alone and breaking away. England is the first country in the history of the European Union to vote itself out and things look bad. But it got me wondering (in that nerdy way) – has something like this actually happened in comics? Surprisingly, it actually has. With my future looking bleak, let’s take a quick peruse of teams that splintered apart but came back together the stronger for it.

The Avengers

Stamford Incident Marvel Civil War

Back during the Civil War, the various members of the Avengers split down an axis. Some believed that they should register their secret identities with the government and others wanted their right to privacy to remain intact. Tony Stark headed the ‘official’ Avengers who followed the laws to the letter and Captain America led the underground resistance who wanted to be able to wear their masks as they fought for people. It was a long and dirty struggle that claimed the lives of several heroes and villains. Most despairingly, registered villains were put into a group known as the Thunderbolts.


Black Adam JSA

Following his induction into the team, Black Adam began questioning the futility of not taking more ‘permanent’ action against the criminals. Eventually, his actions caused him to split away from the official group. Gathering a team of his own, Adam returned to his homeland which had become corrupt in his absence. Fellow JSA member Atom Smasher joined him until the Day of Vengeance brought the Spectre to kill him. Adam was able to restart his heart and Al was taken back to America.


Justice League Identity Crisis Teams

Following the tragic events of Identity Crisis, the entire hero community rose to find the killer of Sue Dibny. Although the Justice League was at the centre of the event, two groups formed from it. The older incarnation of the League when Doctor Light assaulted Sue and the newer group who weren’t fully aware. The older group – headed by Ralph Dibny – immediately went after Doctor Light as their replacements began questioning every member of the villain community.


Cyclops Banshee
Cyclops taking Banshee

In the Ultimate Universe, the X-Men discovered a drug known as Banshee. Containing Mutant Growth Hormone, Banshee was able to give powers to normal humans or enhance mutant powers to ‘god-like’ proportions and give them additional abilities. After discovering that Colossus had been using Banshee to give himself super-strength, Jean Grey had him expelled from the group. Colossus gathered his own group of X-Men, comprised of Rogue, Angel, Dazzler, Nightcrawler with Cyclops providing a spy for Jean. Although the two groups of X-Men would fight several times, the Banshee users eventually gave up their addiction and rejoined the group.

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