Here Comes Eli Roth’s ‘Clown’

Andrew Hawkins

Clowns can be terrifying, but turning into one against your will may be the ultimate horror. In the new Eli Roth produced Clown directed by filmmaker Jon Watts, a family man is cursed to become a demonic jester when he dons a suit that holds a dark and horrifying secret. One desperate attempt to brighten up a little boy’s birthday party turns deadly in this upcoming candy-colored nightmare.

Kent is a kind father and loving husband who tries to make his family happy. When he finds a clown costume after scrambling to keep his son from getting disappointed on his birthday, he begins to live a nightmare of becoming a demonic creature straight out of legendary folklore. The always amazing Peter Stormare plays the harbinger character called Karlsson who tries to help Kent’s family, but the werewolf-like transformation continues to progress, blood is spilled as the evil clown beast wreaks havoc on everything in its path. It’s a wild premise that starts off like R. L. Stine’s Goosebumps book The Haunted Mask and ends like a twisted circus version of David Cronenberg’s The Fly.

Clown comes to us from a team that is garnering a lot of attention right now. Director Jon Watts recently made the indie thriller Cop Car starring Kevin Bacon, and he is currently working with Marvel Studios on the upcoming and highly anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming. Filmmaker Eli Roth, known for his unique ventures into extreme cinema such as Cabin Fever, The Green Inferno and the still controversial Hostel movies, produced the film along with the Weinstein brothers under their Dimension label. Clown will be released on VOD through Anchor Bay Entertainment and will also be shown in select theaters, so get ready to put on those possessed rainbow wigs and red noses June 17th because Clown is coming to town.

Andrew Hawkins
Andrew Hawkins is a fan contributor at Fandom. He has been on the fan media scene since 2011. Arriving at Fandom by way of CHUD, and Trouble.City; Andrew loves Sci-Fi Horror movies and supervillains. His dislikes include weak plotlines and sky lasers.
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