Cole Sprouse Wants Jughead to Go Dark on ‘Riverdale’, Lili Reinhart Wants Betty to Ride Dragons


Riverdale’s Jughead talks about what he aims to do with his iconic character.

FANDOM: You’ve done a lot of comic book research on your character. Is there any part of Jughead you want to explore?

SPROUSE: “I want to explore the woman-hater Jughead. It’s one of those really dated pieces of Jughead lore. It’s not asexuality. He just legitimately hates women for a while [in the comics]. That’s dark and it’s real. And I think that kind of darkness in any Archie universe would work in this one.

FANDOM: If you could cross over into any other show universe, what would it be?

LILI: Game of Thrones. Betty riding some dragons? Uh, yeah!

SPROUSE: Uh, Rick and Morty? True Detective would be fun.

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