What Is ‘Clowntown’?

Killer clowns have taken over a small Ohio town. Is anybody safe in Clowntown?

Clowntown is everyone’s worst nightmare right now. Our country is under siege by maniacal jesters in clown outfits, and this movie is exactly that. Four friends are on the road to a show, but lo and behold in classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre fashion, they soon find themselves in extreme danger.

This movie is a fine example of low-budget, modern genre filmmaking. We begin with a road trip that gets diverted when a character loses the most important possession in the world, her smartphone. On a hunt to track down the precious device, the main gang of characters find themselves stranded in a town overrun with clowns.

What Clowntown has going for it is the current wave of faux panic spreading across our country’s media landscape. It’s almost perfect timing for films like this and Rob Zombie’s 31 to be coming out right now. With Halloween only weeks away, Clowntown is a solid little popcorn muncher and party movie for audiences looking to get a cheap thrill.

This movie may not be for everybody, but folks who can enjoy a good b-movie with decent effects and a few good horror scenes will find Clowntown to be at least watchable. The cast does a fine job for what they are doing on screen, and some of the characters have moments that certainly stand out. In the end, the clowns of course take out most of the characters we are introduced to and many of them are killed in the process.

Rent it or skip it?

Clowntown follows the well-established stalker and slasher horror trope of having a few survivors last the film. Even the bad guys manage a win in the same way Freddy, Jason and Leatherface are able to smile when the dust settles. If for no other reason than to have a chuckle at a b-movie’s effort to make a killer clown flick for today’s spooked audiences, Clowntown is worth a shot. Now that the movie is available on DVD and VOD, there’s no better time than now to put it in your queue.


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