‘Cloverfield 2’ (Or Is It?) Trailer

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J.J. Abrams has tossed us another mystery box and this one is a doozy. Playing in front of the new Michael Bay film, 13 Hours, audiences got a peek at a brand new movie that looks to be a sequel of sorts to 2008’s found footage Godzilla riff, Cloverfield.

Check out the trailer right now:

This looks to be the secret Bad Robot film that was being shot around the same time as Star Wars: The Force Awakens (it was being labeled Valencia during its shoot in order to mask its true identity). Using that movie’s clout, Abrams was able to facilitate a mostly clandestine production and has now dropped what looks to be some sort of sequel to Cloverfield in our laps.

The original premise for Valencia (originally titled The Cellar) was about a young woman who wakes up in some sort of fallout shelter after being in a terrible car accident. From /Film: “Her captor, a doomsday prepper, tells her he saved her life and that there has been a terrible chemical attack that has left the outside uninhabitable. She does not know what to believe and as tensions rise, she decides she must escape, regardless of the terrors that await outside.”

Could the horrible event outside actually tie into the monster we saw in Cloverfield? It’s a pretty great idea to do a sequel that doesn’t narratively follow the previous film, but instead plays in that same universe with new characters and a new approach. Heck, the title Cloverfield doesn’t really mean anything other than a way to join two stories.

Regardless of its connections to Cloverfield10 Cloverfield Lane looks like a promising and thrilling story all on its own. With excellent actors like Mary Elizabeth Winstead (she isn’t getting enough praise for her unreal performance in last year’s Faults) and John Goodman anchoring this, it’s a safe bet this will be a movie worth checking out even if it doesn’t pan out as a Cloverfield sequel.

But, it’s totally a Cloverfield sequel, right? We’ll know in just a few months when 10 Cloverfield Lane hits theaters on March 11.

In the meantime, check out this Portal fan film from the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane, Dan Trachtenberg:

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