Longtime American ‘DotA’ Player Clinton “Fear” Loomis Retires

Nico Faraguna

DotAs most decorated American pro player has officially announced his retirement today. Citing health reasons, Clinton “Fear” Loomis has stepped down from the Evil Geniuses team. He will transition to a coaching role that will hopefully take the burden off his arm. Clinton had been suffering from a form of tennis elbow that took him out of regular competition for quite some time.

A Fearless Career

Clinton "Fear" Loomis Retires from DotA play

He’s been part of the Evil Genius DotA team for a better part of seven years. Up until this point, he’s was the second longest tenured player in a DotA organization. Fear primarily handled the team’s “1 position” (carry role). He has been the epitome of consistency throughout his career.

Fear boasts one of the biggest hero pools in the competitive circuit. He is adept at playing a variety of heroes, though Sven would probably be Fear’s most famous character. Many highlight reels include memorable moments of his Sven play.

A True Esports Cinderella Story

Fear was a prominent figure in the 2014 documentary, Free to Play. His humble beginnings and dedication to his craft were apparent for any fans watching that documentary. From not being able to afford proper computer equipment — including furniture — during the beginning of his career to becoming a multimillionaire, Fear is the embodiment of the American Dream for a new generation of gamers.

The DotA Community Reacts

Peter Dager, the captain of the championship EG squad from The International 2015 had this to say:

“Fear is hands down the best DotA player I’ve ever had the privilege to play with. Whenever people would ask about our team’s dynamic, I always described him as the co-captain. I could always count on Clinton to make a collected, yet decisive decision. He always had my back and I knew I could count on him when I was lost. Fear helped me reach my potential, and I believe he will continue to do that for players in years to come. Best of luck Fear, and thank you for everything you have done for me and this team.”

It’s safe to say that Fear’s legacy in the North American DotA scene will not be forgotten. Several prominent members of the esports community shared their thoughts on Fear’s retirement:

So long, Captain America! DotA fans everywhere will miss you.

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