Citizen Steel: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Vs Comics

Joseph Wilbur
TV Arrowverse
TV Arrowverse

In the latest trailer for Legends of Tomorrow, we get a sneak peak at the newest hero: Citizen Steel.

Citizen Steel So Far


For those who have been watching Legends of Tomorrow so far, you would have met the character known as Dr. Nate Heywood, a hemophiliac historian who has skills in deductive historical reconstruction. First introduced in “Out of Time,” Nate’s skills allowed him to deduce that an aberration-created reality, one in which the Nazis bombed New York City in 1942, and World War II continued until 1947, was starting to cement in the timeline. After becoming mortally wounded while saving his grandfather, Atom injects Nate with a Nazi super-formula to heal him, which is successful.

However, the promo for the next episode shows that the super-formula did a bit more than just heal him — it set him on the path to becoming the comic book hero who shares his name. But who exactly is that comic book counterpart?

Citizen Steel In the Comics

citizen-steel comics

The grandson of Commander Steel, a Golden Age hero, the comic book Citizen Steel has similar origins to the one on the CW — he gains his powers when a super-powered Nazi soldier attempts to assassinate Nathan. Why so? Vandal Savage has a special vendetta to wipe out the bloodlines of the Golden Age heroes. Unsuccessful in his attempt, Nathan survives, but comes into contact with serum-enhanced saliva, which turns Nathan into living steel. Gifted with extraordinary strength, his very steps leave cracks in the ground. Given a costume developed by Doctor Mid-Nite and Mister Terrific, his suit restricts his strength to manageable levels, and Power Girl christens him Citizen Steel

Fun fact: according to Doctor Mid-Nite, Citizen Steel is so powerful that it would take nothing less than an AIM-9 Sidewinder to even knock him down.

However, in the promo, it is suggested that when we meet up with Nathan again, his look will have a bit more chrome to it. Hopefully, we will see some incarnation of his comic-book suit on the show in the future.

citizen steel nate heywood covered in silver steel

You can catch the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow, titled “Shogun“, on The CW on Thursday, Oct 27.

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