The ‘CHIPS’ Cast Talks Motorcycles and Merkins


Entertainment Editor Drew Dietsch sat down with CHIPS stars Dax Shepard, Michael Pena, and Kristen Bell and talked about the new action/comedy film that involved a lot of vehicular destruction and some face-to-crotch ridiculousness.

“I wanted to make Bad Boys or Lethal Weapon.”

Dax Shepard was inspired by the films of Hal Needham, the famous stuntman who directed such ’70s and ’80s classics as Smokey and the Bandit and The Cannonball Run. Taking that inspiration, Shepard decided to make a movie that really focused on practical stunt work. It also was a chance for Shepard, a motorcycle enthusiast, to do a lot of riding himself. Shepard even injured himself during one stunt and proudly showed off a scar on his wrist.

“My epic mound!”

The motorcycle chases weren’t the only intense days on set. On the second day of shooting, Shepard and Peña had to perform a comedic scene that involved Peña’s face colliding with Shepard’s unclothed… ahem, lap. “I wore a merkin,” Shepard said before both he and Peña burst into laughter. You can tell that these two had a fun time making this movie. No better way to break down barriers than shooting a scene like that on your second day.

CHIPS opens in theaters on March 24.

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