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Joseph Wilbur

Forget Doctor Strange. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock  is what we really want to see. And you don’t have to wait long. There is less than a month until the return of everyone’s favorite private detective. To only amp up the anticipation, BBC has released a short clip which you can view below.

Our Breakdown of the Clip

In that short 1 minute and 30 seconds, we didn’t learn much of what to expect in Season 4. So just what did we see? The clip, which was broadcast on BBC One at 10PM last night, showed us our favorite sleuth and his companion, Dr. Watson, in their Baker Street Flat. But not all is at it seems. Upon closer look, you will see that they are both submerged all the way up to their ankles in water.


This image hides several clues that even Sherlock might have trouble deciphering the meaning of. From a small lifeboat, which could symbolize an ocean related mystery this season, to a curly Persian slipper, this image is shrouded in mystery. Here are a few of the items you should take a closer look at.

First up, you’ll want to take a look next to Holmes’s favorite instrument; his violin. Notice the name of that piece? It’s “Miss Me?” Don’t remember that? That’s part of Moriarty‘s video-message that seemingly transcends his death. Moriarty will definitely play a big role this season, considering where the last one took off.

Don’t remember? Don’t worry, it has been a while, considering Sherlock took a long hiatus when Season 3 concluded. Last we saw Sherlock, he had been permanently exiled. However, that exile wasn’t too permanent, as his plane had barely taken off when he was summoned back to deal with the return of Moriarty.


Next, we have something that is more of an Easter Egg. Fans of the original stories will know where Sherlock kept his tobacco. In a curly Persian slipper, which we just so happen to see in this image. The game’s afoot. Sherlock’s signature line, which there is another East Egg of in here. Don’t recognize it? In the water, you’ll see a copy of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Sherlock’s line comes from a Shakespeare play Our next clue is that toy boat on top of Sherlock’s shelves. With water a key focus in this image (Sherlock is literally ankle-deep in this one), a boat could be a subtle hint to a more ocean-related series?


Sherlock will make its return on New Year’s Day, Jan. 1 2016 on the BBC. Sherlock airs as part of PBS’ Masterpiece in the United States.

Joseph Wilbur
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