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Graham Host
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Games Disney

Fans have been desperately awaiting Kingdom Hearts III for more than a decade now. All current indication seems to point to the game not being released until 2018 instead of the original 2017 date that many were hoping for. With the release date shoved further back into the schedule, we can start speculating on the characters we’d like to see in Kingdom Hearts III.

Likely To Appear

Yen Sid

yen sid wizard in kingdom hearts

Starting strong is our favourite Disney sorcerer. Yen Sid is an old hand at Kingdom Hearts. He was working with Master Eraqus in Birth by Sleep and makes appearances in many of the other games. Yen Sid serves like a Dumbledore to the Kingdom Hearts universe, right down to the beard and cloak.

Yen Sid frequently gives pointers and advice on things that are crucial to the plot. With his Mysterious Tower already seen in a few videos, this is one strong contender who seems likely to appear. Remember, Yen Sid is just Disney backwards.

Big Hero 6 Team


Another world destined to appear is San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6. Sora will reportedly be fighting alongside Baymax above the clouds. The events in Kingdom Hearts III will be set after the film so we can see how they’ve adapted and moved on.

As Big Hero 6 is a team of scientists, how would they react to the more magical aspects of the Keyblade and Heartless? Or are this world’s Heartless to be more mechanical than natural? Whatever the case, the unorthodox hero team is a must for the next game.

Twilight Town Residents


There is no mistaking the world shown in the trailers, even if not directly announced. Twilight Town was a central world for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts II.

Hayner, Pence, and Olette played key roles in previous games. In 358/2 Days, they were the sort of life that Roxas longed to remember. Kingdom Hearts II had digital versions of the trio as his closest friends. Being able to run around and see the gang again would be a welcome blast from the past.



Characters from Final Fantasy VII have been in nearly every game so far. Cloud is frequently seen in the Olympus Coliseum and the prequel to Birth by Sleep replacing him with the Crisis Core prequel of Zack. Cloud would be sorely missed if he didn’t make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III.

Final Fantasy characters like Leon, Yuffie and Cid also make appearances, but Cloud and Sephiroth are musts. With the Final Fantasy VII Remake coming out soon, maybe we could see a Cloud as he was then. The possibilities are enticing.




Olympian-based worlds from Hercules are old hat in Kingdom Hearts. The first game had barrel smashing and tournament rounds, and the second had a much larger level. But we haven’t yet been to Olympus and seen the big beard himself. It would make sense for Kingdom Hearts III to be our first chance to see the Pantheon in action.

Having seen Hercules in training and as a hero, the closing act in his story was fighting the Titans from Olympus. It seems like the perfect way to end his run in the Kingdom Hearts universe.


Disney characters from Frozen Ana and Elsa

You might have heard about the runaway success of Frozen a few years ago. Disney’s film about Elsa and her ice powers took the world by storm. It also made itself a niche with costumes available in the Kingdom Hearts mobile game.

Considering the release of another short Frozen film and with Frozen 2 on the way, this movie would be perfect for Kingdom Hearts III. One thing we hope not to have to endure yet again is THAT song. If Square Enix puts it in, they might as well take the Kingdom Hearts fanbase and ‘Let It Go’.

Buzz and Woody


Woody and Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story films might be owned by Pixar but Disney owns Pixar and that means potential. The pair were planned to be added in Kingdom Hearts II as summons’ but ended up cut for unknown reasons. We would love to see an entire Toy Story world but will settle for the indomitable duo for now.

Terra, Aqua, and Ventus


The original three Keyblade apprentices, these are the main characters in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. All three were lost in the fight against Master Xehanort. With Kingdom Hearts III, the last chapter in the ‘Dark Heart’ saga with Xehanort, this is the perfect time to bring them out once again.

Terra can also be fought as a secret boss in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Ventus’ armour made an appearance in Dream Drop Distance and Aqua will also be a playable character in 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue.

Kingdom Hearts III has been waiting 11 years for its day in the sun. With Final Fantasy XV pushed back a month and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 also delayed a few weeks, we can only hope that Kingdom Hearts III will be released in the next few years. Providing it isn’t cancelled before we can get to play it that is.

Before ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ comes out, check out the cool deleted scenes from previous games or have a look at how the new game would fit in with the Kingdom Hearts timeline.

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