How I Caused the End of the World in Under a Month with ‘The Division’


The other day I started to notice some alarming posts showing up on my Facebook wall. My friends were posting stats of how they had caused society to collapse and wiped out millions in a few days with something called “Collapse: The End of Society Simulator.

Naturally, my curiosity was piqued, so I clicked on the link and played around with the app myself. Turns out it is a cleverly designed marketing tool for Tom Clancy’s The Division cooked up by the folks at Ubisoft. It is a fun little experience that only takes a few minutes, and I recommend checking it out. If also ties quite nicely with the recent article one of our Fan Contributors wrote all about superplagues.

Here is my story of how I caused the total collapse of society as we know it in just under 24 days, retold in dramatic fashion:


Quite the ominous title, no?


Wait, what? I am patient zero? OK, I’ve got this. Surely I can gather my wits, do some damage control, wash my hands a lot, and prevent spreading the infection. Hey, maybe I will be the one guy that breaks this simulator and ends up saving society through my heroic actions. I had better get to a hospital, stat. Let’s do this!


24 people infected already? I only walked a few blocks. Well, surely those 24 people will be responsible and head directly to the nearest medical facility. No worries.


I guess I should have just stayed home and tried to sleep this one off.  At least then I would have had a guaranteed bed. Maybe a doctor in a hazmat suit would be willing to do a house call. Better yet, maybe they could set up that crazy quarantine tent thing from E.T. in my neighborhood.


See those little red dots everywhere? Those are my doing. Also, in under a day the number of infected has gone from 41 to 321,124. This development is troubling, to say the least.


I knew I should have gone to CVS. Apparently my Walgreen’s Balance Rewards status does not bestow upon its owner any clout or social currency. Duly noted.


All right, vaccines! I think I will head over to the Metreon to get the vaccine, then maybe stay and catch a movie afterward. Let’s see what’s playing. I could use a comedy right about now.


All out of vaccines, huh? Seeing how I can’t exactly hold my breath the entire time, I guess a movie is out of the question. OK, I will head to the quaint little market on the corner to stock up on supplies and try to ride this one out at home.


Those looters completely ransacked my local store. Not cool. Lots of other stores are posting signs that say “Cash Only.” Looks like I need to get to the nearest ATM.


Oh, come on! Good thing I had some cash in my other bag at home. Also, it looks like literally everyone on the streets is sick. That is a lot of red dots.


Riots? How are riots solving anything? Enough with the rioting, people! Seeing how I don’t have my own personal shelter, I am going to get out of town and let things cool off for a bit. Time to head to the local airport.

I know what you are thinking, but don’t worry: I am totally going to wear one of those surgical mask thingies to prevent the disease from spreading. I am sure this thin layer of cloth will act as a foolproof barrier for a microscopic pathogen.


Check it out! It looks like a screen straight out of War Games. Hey, why are those red dots spreading all over the map? Because I totally kept that mask thing on the entire trip. Also, they just declared martial law, whatever that means.


That martial law thing didn’t last very long. I am just going to stay put and keep checking the news online to see how this all plays out.


The internet is down everywhere, and nobody can get a cellular signal . We are doomed.


No energy, no communication systems, no government. That can’t be good.




I am a monster.

Well, that was fun, but also super scary and depressing. Looks like I need to go play more of The Division to lift my spirits and help me avoid this from happening again.

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