Catching Up to ‘Jason Bourne’

In case you didn’t know, Jason Bourne is back.  This time, there is not concern about his Identity, Legacy, Ultimatum or Supremacy.  It’s just him: Jason Bourne. With Matt Damon returning to his blockbuster role, let’s catch up on the elusive everyman action hero.

Matt Damon reprises the title role of Jason Bourne.  Paul Greengrass returns to direct his 3rd Bourne film based on the character created by Robert Ludlum.  Julia Styles reprises her role of Bourne’s only friend on the inside Nicky Parsons.  A newcomer to the series, Tommy Lee Jones is slated to play CIA Director Robert Dewey, the adversarial role that was previously portrayed by the likes of Chris Cooper, Joan Allen, David Straithairn, and Edward Norton in various capacities.  This film follows another film in the Bourne canon, The Bourne Legacy, which starred Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross who was involved in a similar black ops program to Jason Bourne.

Damon plays opposite Tommy Lee Jones, the CIA Director attempting to bring him in

Having been off the grid for over 8 years, the government-trained killing machine Jason Bourne returns to the big screen and he is out to get the truth about who is really is.  The real question is, “Now that he is remembering his past is he ready to deal with the events that made him the man he is today?” The good news for fans is that it appears we are going to find out the motivations of David Webb (Bourne’s name before he joined the government’s “Treadstone” project) and why he chose to sacrifice his identity for a top secret, mind-altering experiment.  The recently released TV spot gives us some insight as to why he joined Operation Treadstone to begin with:

In previous films, he has struggled to find out who he was.  They’d taken away his life, killed those close to him and launched an all-out assault on anything he holds dear. Having exposed those he felt responsible, Bourne headed underground.  Now a new threat has risen, threatening to do the same things to other men that have been done to him.  He has been gone for close to a decade but this summer Matt Damon is Bourne again.

Jason Bourne explodes into theaters July 29th.

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