‘Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers’ Roster – The Super Toon Team-Up is Out Today

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Nov. 8 is a big deal for many reasons, especially for animation buffs. Cartoon Network and GameMill Entertainment have released a new multiplayer game called Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers. It brings together fan favorites across CN, all in one action-packed game. Take a closer look at this console game…

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers has users to choose some of the network’s biggest stars and take them into battle. The roster includes Uncle Grandpa, Finn & Jake from Adventure Time, Rigby & Mordecai from Regular Show, Clarence, Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball, and Steven of Steven Universe. These popular Cartoon Network TV characters have been brought together accidentally after Uncle Grandpa hit the multidimensional switch on his RV. Brought together by chance, the heroes team up against threats from across their many animated worlds and must use each hero’s special abilities to succeed.

Here’s a breakdown of the roster of playable toons…

Uncle Grandpa


Uncle Grandpa is known for making clones of himself, using wizard powers, and making his limbs move separate from his body. Man do I wish I could duplicate myself… then I could be in two places at once! He’s also one of the weirdest characters on Cartoon Network, and that’s really saying something.

Finn & Jake

Finn and Jake

Finn is a very proficient hand-to-hand combat fighter and can do wonders with a sword while Jake can morph is squishy body into any shape or size. If I could shape-shift, I’d totally make myself taller.

Rigby & Mordecai

mordecai and rigby

In the show, Rigby is fast and acrobatic while Mordecai has enhanced strength and is skilled in Death Kwon Do. Both are video game masters and skilled rappers. Am I the only one who wishes that Death Kwon Do was a real thing?



Unlike the rest of the roster, Clarence is just a very optimistic ordinary boy. He can turn any bad day into a good one with positive thinking which I believe is a superpower unto itself. Though who knows how useful that’ll be in a fight.



In the show, Gumball is a skilled builder although his attempts to fix things usually make things worse. Story of my life. Perhaps he can put those skills to some in Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers.

Steven Universe

steven universe

The son of a very skilled fighter, Steven can summon his mother’s shield, heal people with his saliva, and encase himself along with others in a protective bubble. He can also fuse with other Gems (and sometimes humans) to become even more powerful, so I’m hopeful that Stevonnie will make an appearance in the game!

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers is available on Nov. 8, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo 3DS game consoles.

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