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Fans love Easter eggs. We obsess over them. We’ll pause a trailer to zoom in on a reflection of someone’s sunglasses in hopes of finding the corner of a face that might be a reference to a side character from a single issue of a non-canon pocket universe (it’s exhausting but so satisfying). Finding those hidden treasures in a movie feels like a special nod from its creators — a nod that says, “Yes, we see you, and we recognize the countless hours you’ve spent loving this thing that we made. Here’s a treat.”

And the Captain Marvel poster has one of the best Easter eggs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date: Carol Danvers’ cat, Chewie. Here’s everything you need to know about Carol’s incredible cat.

Chewie Cat Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Named Her Cat After Chewbacca

A lot has us hyped about Captain Marvel: Brie Larson’s magnificently coiffed military bun, her signature helmet, and that surprise celebrity cameo by Nick Fury’s other eye. But Chewie — a small smudge on the Captain Marvel poster, covered in shadow, barely visible, but still clearly parading around her adorable cat tush — takes the cake. In the comics, Carol Danvers is a Star Wars fanatic (she loves it almost as much as she loves punching things), so it makes sense that she’d name her cat after the far, far-away galaxy’s most beloved Wookie.

Chewie Cat Captain Marvel

Chewie’s No Ordinary Cat

Chewie isn’t your everyday Earth cat. She’s a Flerken — an alien species that may resemble Earth cats with their boopable noses and penchant for curling up on a warm keyboard, but the resemblance stops there. Flerkens are so much more powerful than the furry YouTube stars of our primitive planet: They’re a dwindling species who possess human intellect and the ability to lay up to 117 eggs at a time. For the first part of the 2014 Captain Marvel comics by Kelly DeConnick and David Lopez, Carol has no idea her beloved cat is actually an alien.

Chewie Cat Captain Marvel

Chewie Has A Huge Secret Only Rocket Raccoon Can See

In Vol. 8, Issue 2 of Captain Marvel, our titular heroine and her furry travel companion bump into the Guardians of the Galaxy. Upon boarding their ship, Rocket Raccoon proceeds to do what Rocket does best and opens fire on an active ship. Within two panels of meeting Chewie, who appears to be a domesticated tabby, Rocket shouts, “Kill it with fire!” and tries to shoot her. Starlord and Captain Marvel break up the fight by sending Rocket and Chewie to separate corners, despite Rocket insisting that Chewie is no mere cat, she’s a Flerken. Rocket knows two things for sure: He ain’t no raccoon, and that ain’t no cat!

Chewie Cat Captain Marvel

Chewie Coughs Up Weapons Instead of Furballs

It’s been theorized that Flerkens are filled with pocket dimensions that allow them to store entire universes in their tiny, adorable mouths. Just like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, they can draw from these little dimension bubbles at will, except it’s a little less a “spoonful of sugar” and a little more “OH MY GOD WHAAAAT?!” Their pocket dimensions even allow Flerkens to teleport — much like regular ol’ Earth cats, they can seemingly be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Chewie has also been known to store things like egg clusters and alien tentacle tendrils that can be used to attack foes or defend friends. She uses these abilities to hold her own in a fight, which in turn earns her respect from other seasoned warriors.

Chewie Cat Captain Marvel

Chewie And Carol’s Friendship Will 100% Make You Cry

Chewie can always be found underfoot on the ship. She’s been alongside Captain Marvel through so much and remains her constant in a world that isn’t always certain. And the loyalty goes both ways. When Captain Marvel takes a long-term post in space, she brings Chewie along. When Captain Marvel’s spaceship is stolen by a misguided young rebel, Chewie is still on board. Carol darts after that ship, straight into deep space, without hesitating.

Captain Marvel Chewie

In Captain Marvel Vol. 8 Issue 8, we find out that Chewie is now the proud mama to a fleet of Flerkens (proving Rocket’s theory right), but their ship is soon attacked. Captain Marvel sends Chewie and her Fler-kittens away on a shuttle for their safety and fends off the foes. Rocket, who has a soft spot for any creature who’s one of the last of their species, decides to make peace with Chewie. He protects her from the invasion by once again doing what he does best: Opening fire in the confined quarters of a spaceship.

After winning the battle, Captain Marvel drops off the new family at the finest rescue in the galaxy for fear that she won’t be able to protect her best friend. The two exchange a tearful goodbye, but then Chewie immediately uses her mouth-dimension to teleport right back to the Captain’s ship. Knowing her babies are safely clawing up extra-terrestrial couch cushions at the rescue, there’s nowhere in the universe Chewie would rather be than curled up in Carol Danvers’ lap, ready to set a course for adventure.

Chewie Cat Captain Marvel
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