Why We’re Excited to Visit Canto Bight in ‘The Last Jedi’

Drew Dietsch
Star Wars
Star Wars

Canto Bight is one of the new locales we’ll get to visit in The Last Jedi. It’s a city on the planet of Cantonica and it’s been described as the Las Vegas of the Star Wars universe.

A new collection of short stories about the city was recently released, and it’s got us even more pumped to visit this new locale. But, exactly why are we looking forward to Canto Bight?

A New Part of the World

last jedi canto bight speeder
This on-set picture shows an expensive type of high-class speeder.

We’ve never seen how the ultra-rich citizens of the Star Wars universe spend their leisure time. While we’ve gotten glimpses of upper-class lifestyle on Coruscant, Canto Bight offers us a look at how the 1% of the galaxy lives and plays.

There have been behind-the-scenes photos of Canto Bight that show off the luxurious and opulent elements of these people. The above picture displays a kind of sporty speeder that feels very swank and cool.

The idea of exploring a Monte Carlo type corner of the Star Wars universe adds a new flavor to what we’ve seen in previous films. On that note…

Aliens, Aliens, Aliens

last jedi canto bight aliens
These are only a few of the crazy aliens we'll see in Canto Bight.

A tradition of Star Wars films is to visit a place where a myriad of alien races congregates. From the Mos Eisley cantina to Jabba’s Palace to Maz Kanata’s castle, Star Wars loves to show off a plethora of extraterrestrials.

Canto Bight will fulfill that goal. It’s also impressive as most of these creatures are practical effects and not CG creations. It’s an opportunity to highlight the incredible prosthetic and design work from all the creative people involved.

And it’s just fun to see all the wacky aliens cavorting and going about their daily lives. If you can’t enjoy that, that’s a bummer.


last jedi canto bight coins
It'd be a shame not to see some of the different kinds of games you could play in Canto Bight.

Hopefully, we’ll also get a peek into some gambling games in the Canto Casino. Longtime Star Wars fans know of such card games like pazaak and sabacc, but we’re hoping to learn of some new games when we see Canto Bight in The Last Jedi.

We know that Finn and Rose have some kind of secret mission they embark on in the Canto Casino. Could they be forced to play some gambling game in order to achieve their goal? Could they be forced to play a game with Benicio del Toro’s mysterious DJ?

We’ll find out when we all get to visit Canto Bight in The Last Jedi, opening on December 15.

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