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Watch the First Minute of the New ‘X-Files’ Right Now

The X-Files is returning to TV in just a few weeks and anticipation is reaching fever pitch. While you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the six-episode event series in its entirety, you can at least watch some of it now: the first minute.

Fox has launched a micro-site that includes some cool X-Files goodies and, most importantly, the opening minute of the new show. Not much is revealed. In fact, it’s just a bit of catch-up for fans, done in a fairly inventive way. Still, hearing David Duchovny’s voice as Fox Mulder after all these years sure is cool and makes you excited and ready for more mysteries, conspiracies and terrifying alien abductions.


If you want to show your fandom on social networks, the site allows you to upload a picture that will be transformed to state your support of Mulder, Scully and their quest for the unknown. You can bet you’ll be seeing plenty of those in the days and weeks to come before the big premiere.

A single minute of the debut episode might not seem like much, but given the fact that so many fans have been waiting ages for the proper return of Mulder and Scully, this is exciting for many.

The X-Files (1)

The new limited series premieres on January 24, so you still have a few weeks to catch up as much as possible. Rewatch old episodes and dig into the kooky, creepy lore at the X-Files Wiki. Get watching and get reading, the truth is out there.


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