‘Call of Duty: WWII’ Multiplayer and Zombies Modes Revealed

Bob Mackey

This morning’s official reveal of Call of Duty: WWII was light on info, but we at least learned about the return of the series’ most popular modes: multiplayer and zombies.

Call of Duty: WWII will feature a zombies mode, but what that will entail hasn’t been revealed. All the livestream showed us was a single image of a Nazi zombie, which still managed to get the crowd excited.

Thankfully, Activision released a bit more information about the upcoming multiplayer mode, which, for many, is Call of Duty’s main attraction. WWII’s multiplayer will offer a social space similar to Destiny’s Tower where players can display “recognition and awards.” “War Mode” stands as the newest feature for Call of Duty’s multiplayer, and will place players in Axis versus Allies matches set in the most iconic battles of World War II.

We won’t know more about Call of Duty’s multiplayer until June’s E3 convention, where this part of the game will see a full reveal. Be sure to check back with Fandom for more on Call of Duty: WWII as we approach its November 3 release date.

Bob Mackey
Bob Mackey is Games Editor at Fandom. Since joining the games press in 2007, he's written for sites like 1UP, Joystiq, The A.V. Club, Gamasutra, USgamer, and many others. He also hosts the weekly podcasts Retronauts and Talking Simpsons. Follow him on Twitter @bobservo.
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