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Matthew Hadick
Games Call of Duty
Games Call of Duty

The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal live-stream is a go. Let’s see what Infinity Ward has in store for fans with the latest installment of their classic franchise!

The Space Age

They’re showing us the trailer to start off. We’ll have a deep dive into this later in the day.

Some action on the ground; lots of crazy explosions.

This is what we’ve been waiting for: space dogfights. We’re looking at some crazed battles. The ships look quite a bit like those from Halo.

They’re talking with the narrative director right now. This pair worked at Naughty Dog prior to coming to Infinity Ward, which means they have the chops necessary to tell an interesting story.

Design Director Jacob Minkoff is talking about the importance of NPC performances for making games believable. Narrative director Taylor Kurosaki talks about how interesting it is to work on the Call of Duty franchise.

Why space? The team was enthusiastic about it.

“World is dependent on resources scattered throughout the solar system.” The militarization of space; people are reliant on resources.

“Settlement Defense Front”, one of the factions in the game, rises to take control of these resources. A brutal and fascist group that wants to control all of these outposts.

Space allows the team to transport the player to entirely new environments

He’s detailing a convertible space fighter that switches between zero g and earth combat.

Environmental challenges will be a new addition. Solar flares, etc.

Motion Capture

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.56.17 AM

Treating production like an episodic TV series, conscripting actors for the longterm, tailoring performances to specific characters. Seems like there’s a heavy focus on the story.

They’re overlaying footage from these motion capture sessions. It looks pretty involved.

No recording done in a booth; everything happens in the performance capture studio. They’re going for an authentic experience.

There are no aliens — you’re fighting other humans.

“Looking for the most grounded, believable conflict you can have in space.”

Showing off a clip to demonstrate the performance capture process.

Brian Bloom will be playing the playable character, Captain Reyes. He’s introducing the clip.

Some goofy footage of the actors in dialogue, wearing the absurd motion capture contraptions.

Multiplayer and Remaster


They’re talking about multiplayer now. Maps that take place on earth; in space stations; on other planets. The talking point seems to be “Taking players to places they haven’t been before.”

Infinite Ward will be working on Zombies for Infinite Warfare. It’s a separate universe from Treyarch’s. They’re doing this for the fans, to drive replay value, pointing to the rabid fan community on youtube.

Cryptic image of a zombie in a film cell with some popcorn to the side. What could it mean?

They’re talking about the Modern Warfare remaster. This is in response to noise made by fans. They’re chatting about their favorite levels in the original game.

They’re showing before/after footage. They’re revamping the game considerably, from both a visual and audio standpoint. A lot of processing and new technology being leveraged to update the game.

When can fans look forward to the next big announcement? Sounds like E3. “We’re going to have lots of surprises up our sleeve.

That’s all folks! Stay tuned to Fandom for more Infinite Warfare analysis  as more details emerge.

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