Butch Hartman Draws ‘Danny Phantom’ as a Marvel Mashup

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TV Marvel

It seems like Butch Hartman is insistent on sending Danny Phantom phans into the Ghost Zone these days. Just in August, he drew the main trio – Danny, Sam, and Tucker – as if they were ten years older. Phans went crazy for it, giving the video over one million views. And if that’s any indication, his new video of a Marvel mashup of the characters should be just as popular.

In the video, Hartman matches up six Danny Phantom characters with who he thinks they would be in the Marvel universe (citing that the Infinity Gauntlet got in the Ghost Zone). Everything about his choices are so fitting. Not only do they perfectly blend the characters’ personalities and appearances, but they include puns. And if there’s one thing Danny Phantom is known for, it’s clever puns. Skulker and the Hulk become “The Incredible Skulk,” and Danny and Iron Man become “Iron Dan.”

Captain Jack-merica

As he draws, Hartman gives some insight into his choices. For Sam, he chose the Wasp because they have the same haircut. Tucker and the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man became “Spider-Tuck.” With the Tucker touch of glasses and a tablet, the new uniform looks incredible on him. Danny’s all-American father, Jack, became “Captain Jack-merica” charging into the Ghost Zone. Of course, he still has his orange jumpsuit showing, but it blends particularly well with the patriotic colors, giving them a vibrant splash. Perhaps it would have been nice to see Maddie as Black Widow teamed up alongside him.

Iron Dan

Switching over to ghosts, Hartman draws Vlad Plasmius with Doctor Strange to get “Doctor Plasmius.” Of course, they have similar hairstyles and capes, but it’s their suaveness and desire for power that make them a perfect match. Skulker’s transformation into “The Incredible Skulk” is fitting beyond words with the Hulk’s green and Skulker’s imposing armor. And finally, Danny gets matched with Iron Man to become “Iron Dan.” Danny’s logo on his armor and hand repulsor rays is genius in itself, yet it’s the ectoplasm-powered green within them that bring the whole look together.

Check out the rest of the mashups below!

Danny Phantom Marvel Mashup

Wasp Manson
Doctor Plasmius
The Incredible Skulk

Of course, what kind of Butch Hartman video would it be without a tease? After he shows the drawings,  Hartman wraps things up by saying, “It’d be kind of cool to see a Danny Phantom comic book series someday, too.” There have been comic books before, but could the sly way Hartman smiles when he says that be telling of new ones in the future? No one can say for certain, but with Hartman’s recent videos, the hope for a resurgence of ectoplasm continues to grow.

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