Could ‘Bully 2′ be Rockstar Games’ Next Title?

Samantha Loveridge

Rumour has it that Bully 2 could be the next game on Rockstar’s agenda after it releases Red Dead Redemption 2 later this year. Before we go any further, we’d recommend taking this rumour with a major pinch of salt just because of the source of this particular murmuring.

The rumour comes via the official GTA Forums from user Yan2295. Now, they are a well-respected member of the community with a great track record for leaks, but usually, reports like this require a little more authenticating.

Nevertheless, Yan2295 simply said the following:

Bully 2 is indeed in development and is supposed to be the next game after RDR2.”

If this is indeed true, we’d be incredibly excited. We still believe Bully is one of Rockstar’s most daring games, even if it did come out over 10 years ago.

Bully Rockstar Games
What the actual f*** mate

For the uninitiated, Bully told the story of James “Jimmy” Hopkins, who’d just been enrolled in a British boarding school called Bullworth Academy. Jimmy wasn’t actually the bully, as the title suggests, but the victim. Through the game, you work to bring peace to the school, learn about romance and friendship and even set off childish, yet hilarious pranks.

And it was certainly a sensitive topic for a lot of people. The game was actually called Canis Canem Edit because the original title was censored by the British government. British MP Keith Vaz tried to get it banned altogether, or at least reclassified to an 18, while UK retailers Curry sand PC World refused to sell the game due to its “explicit link between violence and children”.

Seeing as this is probably Rockstar Games’ least violent game in its entire library, that’s a pretty impressive feat.

Of course, there’s plenty of mileage still left in Bully. The next game could continue its tendency for non-lethal violence, either playing out Jimmy’s last days in school or how he fairs at college or university. After all, conflicts like bullying don’t stop when you reach 18, do they?

Samantha Loveridge
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