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‘Bulletstorm’ Remaster Reportedly Arriving in 2017

2011’s Bulletstorm was enjoyed by critics and gamers alike, but it appeared to be a one hit wonder. It seemed like the creatively violent first-person shooter would never get a sequel or even a remaster. But now there’s reason for renewed hope for more Bulletstorm. According to Brazil’s games rating board, 2017 will see a Bulletstorm remaster, titled Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition.

Bulletstorm Remaster People Can Fly Xbox One PS4

According to the Brazilian ratings board, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will come to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime in 2017. Even more interestingly, the game is going to be published by Gearbox. The developers behind Borderlands and Duke Nukem have apparently picked up Bulletstorm. It was previously published by EA in 2011.

More Bulletstorm Remaster Confirmation

News of a Bulletstorm remaster had been swirling ever since high-resolution images of the game appeared in Microsoft’s E3 2016 press kit. Neither Microsoft nor Bulletstorm owners People Can Fly commented on the screens. That coupled with today’s news seems like all the confirmation we need.

It’s great to get another chance to celebrate Bulletstorm‘s novel approach to scoring cartoonish violence. Most FPS games let you shoot an enemy in the throat. Only Bulletstorm would call it “Gag Reflex” and award you 50 points. Skillshots like that humorously translated the combo-focused action of a fighting game to an FPS.

After Bulletstorm‘s release, the game disappeared, and there was no word on a sequel. Developer People Can Fly became independent in 2015, buying back the Bulletstorm franchise from Epic Games that year. That news led many to hope that the series would return. It looks like it’s about to happen next year.

Is This Just The Beginning?

Bulletstorm Remaster People Can Fly Xbox One PS4

These days just about every game from the PS3/360 years gets an update. That’s not necessarily a sign that Bulletstorm 2 will happen. However, remasters like this one are how publishers often test interest in the franchise. So, as soon as the Bulletstorm remaster is official, any purchase might make Bulletstorm 2 closer to reality.

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