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Bryan Cranston Is ‘The Infiltrator’

How do you take down the largest drug operation? How do you gain access to the top level drug lords? You integrate into their ranks and break it from the inside. The Infiltrator is the story of how Federal agent Robert Mazur went deep undercover in the 1980’s drug world. As the money laundering business man “Bob Musella”, Mazur became the go-to man and dirty money launderer for the underworld. He infiltrated notorious kingpin Pablo Escobar’s inner circle, which is not only extremely dangerous but also something that seemed impossible. By being a convincing liar and playing in their world Mazur got close to Escobar. It’s a compelling subject and if movies like Donnie Brasco, Miami Vice, Serpico, and Point Break are any indication undercover movies are still a vital corner of the thriller genre. Add Bryan Cranston to the mix and you have a must-see movie.


The once and future Walter White stars as Mazur and he’s riding high on his 2016 Oscar nomination for his performance in Trumbo. Cranston’s been steadily taking roles of all sizes in films to strengthen his cinematic repertoire and Mazur might be the role that most utilizes the range of emotion and physicality that made his Breaking Bad character so effective. The cast includes Benjamin Bratt as Escobar’s lieutenant Alberto Alcaino and Diane Krueger as Kathy Ertz, Masella’s fiancé.

Director Brad Furman did a wonderful job with The Lincoln Lawyer, so there’s plenty of reason to be hopeful for The Infiltrator. We often bemoan the lack of quality dramas in theaters but when they do arrive they rarely get the audience support they need. This looks like a powerful exciting-looking film with some meat on its bones right in the middle of the Summer season. It’s time to put our money where our mouth is.

Bryan Cranston Is Back in the Drug Game in ‘The Infiltrator’

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