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Bryan Cranston Is Back in the Drug Game in ‘The Infiltrator’

While we’ll have to wait a year to see Bryan Cranston as a floating head that gives the Power Rangers their marching orders, we’ll be getting our doctor recommended dose of the former Walter White in The Infiltrator, a true crime drama about U.S. Customs agent Robert Mazur and his undercover operation to bust drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar. It’ll be interesting to see the former Breaking Bad star on the other side of the law this time, but Cranston is such a phenomenal actor that it won’t take me long to forget he once choked a man to death with a bike lock. …Well, his character in Breaking Bad did that. I can neither confirm nor deny that Bryan Cranston has ever murdered anyone with a bike lock.

Anyways, we’ve got a new clip from The Infiltrator that shows how deep Mazur infiltrated Escobar’s operation. So deep that Mazur’s own safety may depend on Escobar’s operations running smoothly. Check out the clip:

Even though he’ll always pop into my brain as Luigi or Clown, I always like seeing John Leguizamo in movies. And is that a very dumpy looking Lucius Malfoy? Hey, Bridget von Hammersmark is in this too!

In the midst of noisy summer blockbusters and four-quadrant fare, we adults like getting something a little more matured and nuanced this time of year. The Infiltrator looks to scratch that itch quite thoroughly. And any story about true crime is always invigorating if just for the fact that it (hopefully) gets you reading up on the real life events that the movie was based on.

Fans of Breaking Bad should definitely make their way to the theater when The Infiltrator releases on July 13. If nothing else, it’s going to be a glorious experience to see Bryan Cranston’s bushy mustache on the big screen. That can’t wait for home viewing.

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