‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Recap: “Coral Palms Pt 1”

Ryan Aday

Season 4 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine kicked off last night and delivered the comedic goods as always. Last season ended with a sting operation gone wrong.  Jake (Andy Samberg) and Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) are now in witness protection as Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis is out to get them. They are living as neighbors “Greg” and “Larry” in Coral Gables, Florida.

“Trapped in Florida”

Holt spends his mornings in a walking group with housewives from the neighborhood. Jake apparently landed a job at an ATV store. Holt works as an attendant at the local family fun center.

Holt has decided to ask for a promotion to assistant manager. Unfortunately, his supervisor thinks he is not the leadership type and in concerned that Holt is a stoner. A sulking Holt feels like Jake has been lying because months of sadness have turned to happiness. He follows Jake to his ATV store only to find that he actually spends his days in a storage locker attempting to solve the Figgis case.

Jake ask Holt to join him in an effort to get out of their Floridian circumstances. However, Holt holds to his straight-arrow ways and refuses to investigate. In an effort to force his hand, Jake gets hired as the assistant manager at the family fun center. His plan is to make Holt to embarrassing things until he agrees to help. He also takes Holt’s spot in the morning walking group.

Brooklyn 9-9

The plot thickens when, during an argument, Holt and Jake are hit by go-karts. A lady films the whole event and threatens to post the video online. This type of exposure would certainly put them in danger from Figgis.

Jake and Holt attempt to retrieve the video by offering a bribe. Consequently, hilarity ensues and what looks like a failed attempt is actually successful as Jake switches the phones. In a moment of reflection, Holt realizes that Jake has the right idea and the faster they get out of their situation, the better. Hence, they agree to release the tape online as bait for Figgis.


Although it featured only two main characters, this episode scored high on the entertainment chart. Jake and Holt are the backbone of the show and really hit their stride with their current situation. The role reversal when Jake becomes Holt’s boss leads to many great comic moments.


  • Jake’s frosted tips
  • Holt having to overly sell his secret identity as a heterosexual
  • The lady who filmed their go-kart incident thinking Holt is flirting with her
Brooklyn Nine-Nine Samberg and Brauer
The opposite nature of their personalities lead to a flourishing bromance.

The new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is off to a stellar start and they are working their way to a crossover episode with New Girl in October. You can see the recap of New Girl season 6 here.

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