‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Recap: “Coral Palms Pt 2”

Ryan Aday

Season four of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is in full swing. Unlike last week which focused solely on Jake and Captain Holt, this week featured the entire cast. Holt and Jake are still in Florida for witness protection, attempting to entice gangster Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis to come looking for them. Meanwhile, back at the 9-9, the precinct meets its new captain.

Holt and Jake have embraced their role as targets

Jake and Holt get word from Coral Gables that Figgis knows they are there. Consequently, they decide to load up on guns and ammunition from a gun store. Upon purchasing the weapons with a ridiculous amount of ease and without a background check, they are pulled over by a local sexist/racist/homophobic sheriff (Jim O’Heir). They are arrested and put in holding.

Figgis contacts them and lets them know he has their FBI handler and knows where they are. Because of this, the decide to stage a jailbreak. Holt and Jake stage a fight to entice the sheriff to open the cell, but he just lets it go. Jake has an idea to make the sheriff break it up and kisses Holt on the lips. The sheriff will have none of that, opens the cell, and is overcome by Jake and Holt who lock him inside.

Back in Brooklyn, the 9-9 has a new leader, and it’s Captain Jason Stanley (Ken Marino). Stanley seems a bit out of his element as he addresses the precinct. When questioned as to his credentials, we find that the reason he obtained the level of Captain stems from an accidental bust he oversaw when he thought he was going to the dentist. He admits he really has no idea what he is doing and informs the squad that they can do what they want.

New Captain Stanley clearly has no clue how he became Captain

Of course, Santiago is furious, demanding that the precinct sign a petition requesting a new Captain. However, when the rest of the 9-9 sees the benefits of getting what they want, they refuse to sign. First, Gina gets an assistant to do all of her real work. Then, Rosa gets four walls around her cubicle for privacy. Charles gets a treadmill to exercise while he works. Terry scores a yogurt refrigerator. After an impassioned speech, Santiago convinces the group that they need to demand more from their Captain. They inform Captain Stanley that they want him to lead and not let them do whatever they want.

Back in Florida, following Jake and Holt’s escape, they realize they have no weapons, nowhere to hide, and no one to help them. They decide to call the 9-9 for assistance. Terry answers the call and tells Captain Stanley that the precinct needs to go to Florida but can’t tell him why. Fresh off his lecture about leadership, Stanley flatly rejects the request and tells them all to get back to work.


  • Jake kissing Holt to lure the sheriff into their cell
  • Gina directing her secretary to mock Santiago
  • Holt again acting straight saying he can’t help himself when he sees “those heavy boobs”
  • Marino does a great job portraying the clueless Captain

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesday nights at 8pm EST/PST on FOX. The show is working towards a crossover episode with New Girl which airs directly after. A recap of this week’s New Girl is available here.

Ryan Aday
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