‘Bright’ Trailer Gives Us Will Smith in a Magical Buddy Cop Drama

Drew Dietsch
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Movies Streaming

Bright has been a big question mark. Film fans have been following it closely. It’s Netflix’s first attempt at a bigger budget movie meant for a wide audience. It’s directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad), written by Max Landis (ChronicleDirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency) and stars heavy hitters like Will Smith, Noomi Rapace, and Joel Edgerton. We’ve been eagerly awaiting our first official look at the film and now we have it. Give it a watch!

Other than presenting the concept – a cop drama in a world where magic and magical creatures have existed forever – there isn’t a whole lot to go off with this. Granted, it definitely looks like a David Ayer flick. His gritty tone is ever-present. If it can be as intense as something like Fury or even Sabotage, things could work out well. We’ve seen this kind of concept before but this is taking a very grounded, very grim approach and that’s not necessarily terrible. Still, plenty of folks are on edge after Suicide Squad.

But that film’s troubles mostly came from studio interference. Netflix is notoriously hands-off with their creators, so we might get a chance to see Ayer really stretch his wings here. Like him or not, the guy clearly has a vision and a style all his own. We should give directors like that a chance whenever they make something interesting.

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Bright will be a big moment for Netflix. If this can hit, we might see more filmmakers head to the streaming service in order to do weirder projects that would get buried by the theatrical studio system. No matter what, that’s a very good thing. If only for that reason, Bright is something we should be supporting. The fact that Bright looks intriguing is a big plus.

Bright will hit Netflix this December.

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