‘Bright’ Looks Like a No Bull$%&#, Badass Fantasy Action Film

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Bright will be a watershed moment for Netflix. It’s their biggest film production to date and it’s a crazy one. A hard-edged cop film set in a world where magic exists alongside our normal, everyday lives. And when it comes to hard edges, nobody does that better than director David Ayer. And the Suicide Squad director brought that edge to the San Diego Comic-Con panel.

Ayer has always had a delightfully vulgar personality and he doesn’t shy away from using curse words to get his point across. He took a dig at PG-13 films and said that Netflix gave him absolute freedom in making the movie he wanted to make. It’s pretty easy to read that as a slight against his experience with Suicide Squad and it’s possible Bright is his attempt to get out some of what was hampered in Suicide Squad.

The Polish of a Blockbuster Movie


It’s incredible to see the amount of polish Bright has considering it’s not a big budget release. The panel showed a clip of a big fight scene that takes place in a small grocery store. Oh, there happens to be an SUV driving through the store and spinning around inside while an elven Noomi Rapace fires a high-powered machine gun at Will Smith. Yeah, that happens.

There was also some impressive wire work as young actress Lucy May got thrown around quite a bit. If you doubt that Netflix could produce a movie that was on par with something coming out of the Hollywood studio system, Bright is going to prove you wrong.

Could Netflix Break Hollywood’s Studio System?

bright will smith in squad car

With an original idea, incredible commitment and passion from the cast and crew, and surprisingly intense action, Bright is going to be one to keep an eye on. It could be the start of Netflix producing the kinds of films we just don’t get at the theater as often as we should.

Bright will hit Netflix on December 22.

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