Bridget Jones: Girl, Can I Borrow That?


Bridget Jones, everyone’s favorite spinster, returns to theaters Friday, September 16 with Bridget Jones’s Baby. It’s the third installment of the romantic comedy movies based on the novels by Helen Fielding. We watched the trailer, and it looks like we may be dealing with a more sophisticated Bridget, full of the poise and proper Britishisms she was lacking in the prior two films. For instance: she’s replaced her paper diary with an iPad, and is wearing jewel tone cardigans now. There is not even a hint of an inappropriate outfit in the trailer. Perhaps those days are long gone, along with Bridget’s steely “Brass in Pocket” conviction.

In honor of an older, more J. Crew-looking Bridget Jones, we’re taking a look back at a few of the ridiculous outfits she’s worn in the past.

When she accidentally dressed up as “a common prostitute”


A miscommunication leaves Bridget dressed up in an inappropriate outfit for a family gathering (the previous theme, of course, being “Tarts and Vicars”). Despite the social faux pas, she makes light of the situation and kills it with confidence.

When she was a secret Olympic skier


A ski trip with Mark Darcy finds our lovable idiot in a pink pom pom beanie and furry grey vest. Despite being a complete novice Bridget manages to successfully slalom her way through a skiing competition (and wins). She’s the best and the worst all at the same time.

When she practiced complete transparency in the workplace


An office flirtation with her boss escalates, so Bridget says YES, AND… by putting (almost all of) it out there for her suitor to see. Just look at that strut. No judgements here; we’d flirt with Daniel Cleaver / Hugh Grant any day.

When she wore a “carpet” to Christmas


One of the greatest moments in Bridget Jones history is when she meets Mark Darcy at her mother’s Christmas party. At the behest of their meddling mothers, both singletons are wearing ridiculous holiday outfits and they are OBVI meant to be (they just don’t know it yet).

When she was the karaoke queen


That Asian-inspired top. That tinsel headband. Bridget belts out a tone-deaf song during a work party and every single person who has ever sung drunk karaoke can relate.

When she drank a bottle of wine in her pajamas and sang “All By Myself” alone on her couch


We are all Bridget Jones.

Oh, sweet Bridget. We’ll be rooting for you and the Maury Povich situation you seem to have gotten yourself into in Baby. We sure will miss all the great outfits, though.

Therese is a staff contributor at Fandom.
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