Brad Pitt Wants David Fincher to Direct ‘World War Z’ Sequel

Brandon Marcus

Yes, World War Z 2 is still happening. J.A. Bayona was set to direct the zombie sequel but he left to take on Jurassic World 2 duties. That hasn’t stopped Brad Pitt from moving forward with the project. It now seems the actor/producer is eyeing a close friend to direct: David Fincher.

Variety says Fincher, Pitt, Paramount, and Skydance are in talks and that the director has an official offer. Fincher was initially lukewarm to the idea but it seems he’s warmed up after discussing things with Pitt a few weeks ago. The two men go way back of course. Pitt starred in Se7en, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. They pair together like gorgeous peanut butter and notoriously meticulous jelly.


2013’s World War Z, which was loosely based on Max Brooks’s book, followed Pitt’s character as society collapsed around him due to a plague that turned humans into twitchy, fast-footed undead. Pitt’s character left his family behind to traipse across the globe and find a cure. Directed by Marc Forster, Z had its slew of problems including a final act that was famously changed in reshoots. But it did well at the box office, garnering $200,000,000 domestically ($540,000,000 worldwide). The massive scope of the film and its plot allows for multiple sequels. Having Brad Pitt involved doesn’t hurt either.

Nabbing Fincher for a World War Z 2 would be a big deal for the film and for the genre. Make no mistake: having David Fincher direct a zombie movie would be exciting. Having David Fincher direct an infomercial would be exciting but to see him take on a blockbuster horror film could be something very special. Will it happen? It seems unlikely. When you take a look at Fincher’s indecisive nature and all the projects he’s been briefly attached to, hope is dim. If Pitt does manage to convince his genius friend to helm the movie then we should all get ready for a zombie film unlike any other.

Brandon Marcus
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