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‘The Boys’ Finds A Home On Cinemax

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will be tackling another dark and violent comic along with Preacher. It was recently announced by Deadline that the popular comic written by Garth Ennis will be adapted on Cinemax.  It is no question that Rogen and Goldberg are huge fans of Garth Ennis as they are currently producing Preacher, another comic Ennis wrote.

First published in 2008 by DC’s WildStorm imprint, the comic found a home with Dynamite Entertainment after its first six issues.  The comic’s last publication was in 2012, publishing a total of 72 issues.  The Boys follows a CIA squad who keep heroes in check, the latter of which engage in amoral behavior.

With a home at Cinemax, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will have much more liberties with The Boys, unlike Preacher.  With the same team producing Preacher,  some may wonder why Preacher wasn’t housed at Cinemax.

Cinemax is finding itself to be a house for comic shows.  In June this year, Cinemax will premiere Outcast, a series based on Robert Kirkman’s exorcism comic.

Wee Hughie

Though casting has yet to begin, a popular choice for Wee Hughie is Simon Pegg. Darick Robertson, artist of The Boys has admitted that Wee Hughie was modeled after Pegg. Who would you like to see cast in this Cinemax adaption of The Boys?

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