Box Office: ‘Sing’, Other Newcomers Can’t Beat Star Wars

Drew Dietsch
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Assassin's Creed Movies Star Wars

The box office was still in the grips of the Galactic Empire this holiday weekend. Rogue One dominated the cineplex this weekend, taking in nearly $65 million over the last three days. It was always going to be hard for any new films to break Star Wars’ stride, but Sing put up a solid showing in second place. The chipper musical will probably have a good second weekend with no competition on the horizon.

Other new releases didn’t fare so well. Passengers took a big hit thanks to critical backlash and having to be in the same genre as the #1 film of the weekend. Whether it will have any staying power remains to be seen, but it’s probable that this will be shuffling off screens fairly soon. Same goes for Why Him?, the crass comedy that did decent business but won’t stick around for long. The big disappointment was Assassin’s Creed. Opening in fifth place has pretty much doomed this flick. Critical reception was harsh – it always is with video game movies – but we’ll see how this one is remembered in the long run.

The Numbers Game

Each week, I will guess how much wide-release films will be making on their opening weekend. My estimates come from my heart and my gut. You’d think I’d use my brain, but that makes far too much sense. Fandom’s editor Nick Nunziata will also be providing his guesses because two stabs in the dark are better than one.

Last Week:

My Guess: $39,000,000
Nick’s Guess: $50,000,000
Actual: $35,290,000
Result: A good showing but we were a tad overzealous in our guessing.

My Guess: $22,000,000
Nick’s Guess: $24,000,000
Actual: $14,850,000
Result: Speaking of overzealous…

Assassin’s Creed
My Guess: $24,000,000
Nick’s Guess: $17,000,000
Actual: $10,280,000
Result: Yeesh. We need to remember how much audiences don’t seem to like video game movies.

Why Him?
My Guess: $10,000,000
Nick’s Guess: $11,000,000
Actual: $11,050,000
Result: Hey! At least we were close with this one! And that’s an undeniable win for Nick.

Looks like there are no new wide releases this week, so the box office predictions will be taking a break! We’ll see you all in 2017!

See you next week, box office buddies!

Source: Box Office Mojo

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