Box Office: Captain America is Getting Paid

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Captain America: Civil War delivered the fifth-highest opening weekend of all time. That’s pretty good, especially considering that there have been a few movies released over the past hundred years. It ranks after only the two Avengers films in the Marvel Studios in opening weekend dollars, which is made even more impressive when you factor in the growth of the Captain America franchise. The first film did just over $65,000,000 in its first weekend and the second did just over $95,000,000. While both debuts are excellent, this is next-level box office.

It helps that Civil War has brought the majority of the Marvel label together and in many ways this is an Avengers film but the hype was married to critical acclaim and fan support. A perfect storm.$181,791,000 is a gigantic number regardless of how you slice it. Don’t be surprised if the film has a colossal second weekend as well and one without the kind of percentage drop certain other films have had in recent memory.

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The Jungle Book continued to dominate as well and by this time next week, the Disney juggernaut will have crested $300,000,000 domestically. It’s been a great year for Disney. They set the record for fasted studio to a billion dollars in a calendar year. And they still have quite a few rather substantial releases left in the year.

A few tidbits from the numbers:

  • Mother’s Day did more business this weekend than last weekend, which is very atypical for a new release. Unless that film is Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day falls on the film’s second weekend of release.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just gulped its last bit of champagne in the top ten, and its income now resides at a domestic total of$327,250,133. So far it’s the 43rd highest-grossing release of all time. So, guess what? It won. It’s a hit.
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is just hovering around in the top twenty and has quietly made $58,155,665. It’s like a spy hiding in plain sight!

The Numbers Game

I’ve added a little fun to the box office report. A little guessing game. Let’s see how close we can get to guessing the correct box-office numbers for the movies opening next week.

Last Week:

Captain America: Civil War
My Guess: $200,000,000
Actual: $181,791,000
Result: Close enough.

This week:

Money Monster


How did someone not take director Jodie Foster to the side and tell her that Money Monster is an awful title for a film? It sounds like something a 6th grader would come up with. It’s going to hurt the box office of the movie. Regardless, Money Monster is the title and it stars George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O’Connell, and Dominic West. It’s directed by Jodie Foster. That’s all you need to know. These people make good movies and though the release date for this is unfair, it’s one people with brains will want to see.

My guess: $13,000,000

The Darkness

The Darkness

We have some pretty big scary movies coming out in the summer. This doesn’t look like one of them. The Conjuring 2 and Lights Out look effective, but so far nothing about The Darkness has set itself apart other than the considerable presence of Kevin Bacon. We’ll see where this goes but expectations have to stay guarded.

My guess: $9,000,000

See you next week!

Source: Box Office Mojo

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