‘Bond 25’ Is Being Produced by Christopher Nolan’s Company. Is He Directing?!?

Drew Dietsch

Bond 25 is going to be one of the most important entries in the franchise. The nature of it being the twenty-fifth entry is awesome on its own, but there is a lot more riding on this particular Bond adventure. It’s going to be Daniel Craig‘s final outing as 007 and his tenure has been the most successful of any actor in the role. Now, there is something even bigger making Bond 25 a huge deal: Christopher Nolan’s production company Syncopy has been listed as a producer on the film. Does that mean that Christopher Nolan is directing Bond 25?

Christopher Nolan is a Big Bond Fan

christopher nolan inception james bond

This isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Nolan has been a vocal fan of James Bond for a long time. His film Inception was even a way for him to get some of that secret agent action out of his system. As far as someone who is demonstrably in love with James Bond, Christopher Nolan has been one of the most prominent directors to publicly make his case for the job. But, is this a good thing? Or is it even true?

Nolan has a very cold and calculating style to his filmmaking that isn’t quite in line with the usually fun vibe of Bond films. However, Sam Mendes’s entries – Skyfall and Spectre – did bring a more streamlined tone to Bond. It’s possible that the franchise wants to continue that with Craig’s last entry. Nolan’s style works in that regard but he also might take it to the nth degree.

Grain of Salt Time

It’s worth noting that this news was dropped through IMDb Pro and people were debating the validity of this possibility. IMDb did back up the info so Syncopy is pretty much confirmed as producing the movie. But this doesn’t mean anything definitive for the director’s chair. However, with the exception of two films – Man of Steel and the animated film Batman: Gotham Knight – Nolan has directed all of their productions.

Considering that Nolan has nothing slated after Dunkirk, going down this rabbit hole of speculation has some merit. Getting Nolan in the director’s chair would be a huge way to send off Daniel Craig’s Bond. It would also be great marketing for film fans who might have bailed after the mixed reception to Spectre. Nolan is one of the few directors who can sell a movie on his name alone. That kind of power has a lot of value.

But, there is nothing to substantiate the idea that he is listed to direct. As of now, it’s only confirmed that Syncopy is listed as the production company. Whether or not that means Nolan will direct is still up in the air. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any more development on this story.

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