‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Trailer Gives Us a Peek at the New Episode Titles

Drew Dietsch
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Streaming TV

Black Mirror is the best anthology series out there today. The landmark show has gotten bigger and meaner with its move to Netflix. The last season had the best episode of the series, “San Junipero”, and we expect that the new season will have some standout entries as well.

The first teaser for the show has been released. Give it a watch and we’ll try and suss out what’s going on with each episode.


Not much to go on with this one. A woman on a mountain and a montage of some other women don’t tell us a whole bunch. But it certainly looks like it might be a thriller. Could they all be stuck in the same place together? As far as this teaser goes, this episode is the most mysterious.


This one might be revisiting an old chestnut of Black Mirror concepts: implants. The child in the teaser seems to be getting injected with something. Her mother (?) gets a tablet that must have something to do with the implant. A monitor? Some way to control her daughter? If kids are in a Black Mirror episode, it’s usually a bad time for everyone involved. Fun fact: this episode was directed by Jodie Foster!

“Hang the DJ”

Black Mirror loves to look at how technology is changing romantic relationships. Could the couple in the teaser be on a blind date? Could Hang the DJ be some kind of game they play to break the ice? Spoiler alert: it won’t turn out well.

“USS Callister”

THIS is the one that had us perk up. It’s clearly some kind of Star Trek riff, but nothing on Black Mirror is ever what it seems. Could this be a virtual reality game? That’s our best bet. Plus, we get Jesse Plemons (Breaking BadFargo) and Jimmi Simpson (WestworldIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia)!


Are we getting our first black and white episode? Nice! Looks like there might be some kind of robotic creature that’s running amok and causing trouble? I’m down.

“Black Museum”

We actually know a little bit about this one. It’s supposed to be a semi-anthology episode much like the “White Christmas” holiday special. One of the stories in the Black Museum – a collection of oddities that’s located somewhere in the deserts of Las Vegas – will be based on a Penn Jillette short story called “The Pain Addict”.

The new season of Black Mirror doesn’t have a release date yet. We hope to hear something soon.

Drew Dietsch
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