The Biggest News From CinemaCon 2016

Andrew Hawkins
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CinemaCon is huge. This week at Caesars Palace in Vegas, the biggest names in the movie industry gathered for the number one cinema trade show in the world. Disney, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Universal, Sony, Lionsgate and many more strutted their stuff on stage and showed us just what to expect in theaters.

The show saw a lot of new footage from some of the biggest film properties running right now and plenty of news was made public about who we are going to see and what we should be expecting from some of our favorite Fandoms. There is a lot of excitement to be had coming out of CinemaCon, so let’s look at some of the biggest news from the event.


Star Wars - Rogue One

Those in attendance at CinemaCon got to finally see the Rogue One trailer on the big screen in all its glory. It was revealed that the trailer will be attached to Captain America: Civil War during its theatrical run. Dave Hollis, the Executive Vice President of Disney Sales & Distribution, also mentioned the over two billion revenue the company has seen from the box office intake of The Force Awakens. We are very excited about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and for good reason.


captain america civil war team cap

Disney basically won Best in Show at CinemaCon, but not by just being a show-off. Along with showing the first 30 minutes of the new Finding Dory and revealing an impressive slate of films from all five of their owned production companies, they actually screened Captain America: Civil War in its entirety. The lucky audience members who were in attendance for the showing have already been speaking out and the reception is great. There are a lot of critics out there who are saying that is a fantastic movie, and many of them are championing it to be the hands down best Marvel movie to date.


Suicide Squad Cropped

Despite the mixed feelings most people have about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the state of the DC Extended Universe, we are absolutely psyched about Suicide Squad. The Warner Bros. presentation brought out nearly the entire team behind the film and let Will Smith take center stage to address the audience. Interviews were conducted with cast members afterward on everything from Jared Leto’s bizarre antics to the reveal that Ben Affleck will indeed be doing his own solo Batman movie.



It’s official. The new 2017 Spider-Man film will be titled Spider-Man: Homecoming.

See our coverage here:



A huge moment at CinemaCon 2016 came when James Cameron announced four sequels to his massive hit Avatar. It will be interesting to see how fans react to the sequels and whether or not the they connect with audiences the way the first film did in 2009.

Ice Age: Collision Course made its debut with a teaser trailer that followed an unexpected performance by Vanilla Ice himself, and Michael Fassbender introduced a clip via video from his new Assassin’s Creed film. The crowd loved it.

Andrew Hawkins
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