What the Big Question Means Next For Shamy in ‘Big Bang Theory’


Sheldon finally popped the question! A decade of The Big Bang Theory wrapped up on Thursday night with an event truly worthy of the occasion in “The Long Distance Dissonance.” It was sweet and emotional, yet almost chilling how it happened. After being kissed by a very forward Ramona Nowitzki, Sheldon promptly flew to Princeton where Amy is away on a fellowship, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. There was no music, no explanation…

A Cliffhanger For the Ages

Sheldon proposes in The Long Distance Dissonance

…And no answer. The episode ended before Amy could give one, which means this will be a very long hiatus for fans. But that’s where theories and speculation about what will happen next come into play. Obviously, the season 11 premiere will pick up where season 10 left off, leaving Amy with three options: yes, no, or “not so fast.” All three have a fair chance at this point, since the engagement itself was so sudden and there’s still the situation with Ramona making advances on a clueless Sheldon.

If Amy does say yes, then congratulations will be in order and any rough patches can be addressed later. An outright “no” would be rather harsh, but if Amy’s having doubts because of Ramona’s presence and finds out that she kissed him, she might not want the moment to be sullied by it.

What should probably happen is for Amy to sit Sheldon down, ask him what’s going on, and for them to have a heart-to-heart talk. From there a more definite answer seems likely. But again, this is all speculation. Not even the cast knows what’s going to happen next; your guess is as good as Amy’s actress, Mayim Bialik’s. Either way, it will be worth tuning in for the season 11 premiere.

Hear the Wedding Bells?

Amy surprised by Sheldon's three knocks

The next part to think about is what happens after the immediate future. Regardless of what Amy’s answer is, it will definitely set the tone for a few episodes, if not the whole next season or two. If she says no, it’s doubtful things would get as bad as they did two years ago when they broke up. Yes, there would be hurt and confusion, but the couple is more mature now and they’re still very much in love. The next few episodes would probably revolve around figuring out this situation, and also seeing how the rest of the group reacts.

A “yes” would have a more long-term effect. As of right now, The Big Bang Theory is slated to go for two more seasons. So if Amy does accept, then they’ll have at least that long to plan and carry out the wedding. (And knowing Amy, who’s been planning it for years, it will be grand.) It would be one of the show’s biggest storylines, no doubt about it.

For now, we have a whole summer to speculate, theorize, and celebrate that Sheldon finally proposed! It will be a summer of hopes and dreams, rather than like the one of agony and heartbreak after they broke up. We may have to wait until September to know what happens next, but at least for now, congratulations to Shamy on taking this next big step.

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