A Big Change Is Coming to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean

Drew Dietsch
Movies Disney
Movies Disney

Pirates of the Caribbean has been a part of Disneyland since 1967. The ride has changed over the years, especially after the 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Jack Sparrow became a permanent addition to the ride as well as appearances from Davy Jones and other characters from subsequent films.

But, one part of the ride has drawn criticism over the years. And it looks like Disney is finally changing it.

The Auction Scene

In the ride, the invading pirates kidnap a number of women and auction them to the highest bidder. The section will be refitted to have the auction set around the townsfolk surrendering their valuables to the pirates. Some Disney fans are happy about the change while others are rather miffed.

There are two sides to this argument. The first is the stance Disney is taking: showcasing women being treated as objects is wrong. Hopefully, no one is going to disagree with that. A ride aimed at children that shows women being auctioned off – likely for… how do I say this, carnal intentions – is not going to float today.

On the other hand, some fans feel that the ride is supposed to show the villainous, debaucherous life of a pirate. Other changes in the past have softened the ride as well, leading to longtime Disney fans to redub it “Boy Scouts of the Caribbean.”

No matter what side of the argument you land on, it’s worth noting that changes to theme park rides are incredibly common. Whether it be for social norms changing or new intellectual properties becoming popular, theme parks will always be changing.

The changes are set to take effect in the next month at Disneyland Paris and will in the Magic Kingdom park in 2018. So, if it’s something you want to see, better get on it.

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