‘The Big Bang Theory’: Top Mom Moments

Amanda Velez

Last night on The Big Bang Theory finale, Sheldon and Leonard’s moms finally met! The two had come to town to attend Penny and Leonard’s wedding. In “The Line Substitution Solution,” Penny had promised Mrs. Hofstadter to host another ceremony after having failed to invite her (or anyone else for that matter) to their Las Vegas elopement. As you know, Beverly Hofstadter and Mary Cooper are polar opposites: one believes in science and the other is devoutly religious. You can see how the two interacting would cause their sons grief.

The moms have previously appeared in numerous episodes, albeit separately. Below are the most memorable and include my favorite quotes from each.

Mary Cooper

“The Luminous Fish Effect”

Sheldon’s mom comes to Pasadena to help her son get his job back after he was rude to the new psychics department head. 

Favorite quote: “He gets his temper from his daddy. He’s got my eyes. All that science stuff, oh, that comes from Jesus.”

“The Zazzy Substitution”

Mary Cooper returns to help Sheldon get over his breakup with Amy and arrives to find that he’s bought 25 cats.

Favorite quote: “Yeah, I get it. You got a lot of cats and you gave ‘em cute Jewish names.”

“The Mommy Observation”

This time Sheldon visits his mother in Houston, Texas and accidentally sees her having coitus.

Favorite quote: “Because I’m not perfect, Shelly, and that man’s booty is.”


Beverly Hofstadter

“The Maternal Capacitance”

Leonard’s mother comes for an unexpected visit and her psychoanalytic nature drives everyone crazy.

Favorite quote: “Common complaint among men: Nothing’s ever big enough, except when they get a tumor. Then you never hear the end of it.”

“The Maternal Congruence”

Beverly Hofstadter returns for Christmas and ends up getting drunk with Penny.

Favorite quote: “Oh, that’s nothing. I’ve been responsible for my own orgasms since 1982.”

“The Raiders Minimization”

Leonard uses his mommy issues to manipulate Penny into sleeping with him.

Favorite quote: “Let’s discuss why you continue to involve me in your sex life.”

You can submit and vote on your favorite Mom moments by participating in our Big Bang Theory Community Choice Awards. The submission period ends on May 16 and voting begins on May 17. Be sure to check back on May 22 to see who the winners are!

Amanda Velez
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