‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap and Reaction: “The Veracity Elasticity”


The truth comes out in the latest The Big Bang Theory episode, “The Veracity Elasticity,” which aired Thursday night. It’s one of the more serious episodes of the season, but it was still charming and funny nevertheless.

A Well-Meaning White Lie

The main focus of the episode was Amy hiding the fact from Sheldon that her apartment’s been fixed for awhile. Bernadette tells Leonard and Penny this news, and Leonard ends up telling Sheldon since he’s so bothered by Amy acting weird. Everyone eventually finds out, but it’s only because Amy loves living with Sheldon. He decides that he wants to continue living with her, too, by the end.

This episode is huge in showing how much Sheldon and his relationship with Amy have matured. Instead of overreacting, he’s understanding when Amy admits she was lying. The paranoia comes when he has a nightmare that Penny and Leonard turn his old bedroom into a sex dungeon, which was hilarious. This leads to a heavy scene in the hallway, where Sheldon’s torn between where to live, akin to the principle of Buridan’s donkey. Amy shows up and gives him an eggplant, saying she won’t let him starve, and he eventually follows her. It’s subtle, but this shows his true commitment to her for the long run. It’s only a matter of time before he proposes.

The cutest moment of the night, by far, came when Amy and Sheldon settle into bed. Before they settle in, they give each other a good night kiss. Then, when Sheldon starts panicking about their future, she starts humming the Star Trek theme as a lullaby to calm him. These things are great examples of just how comfortable and familiar they’re getting with each other.

A Not-So-Well-Meaning White Lie

Penny also has to deal with telling the truth to Leonard in this episode. As it turns out, she’s been secretly moving his collectibles into storage without him noticing. After he confronts her, they decide that they can use Sheldon’s old room for his stuff. Leonard also tells her that he wants their room to feel like hers too, so he lets her redecorate. Only, she ends up making everything soft and fuzzy and pink.

Leonard’s reactions to finding out his things are missing are hilarious, particularly when he thinks his Where’s Waldo figurine is missing. It was also epic and funny to see Leonard and Sheldon speak Klingon against Penny and Amy, who were speaking Ubbi-Dubbi. Despite everything, however, seeing Leonard wanting Penny to feel at home more was really sweet.

Now that Amy and Sheldon are officially living together, it will be interesting to see how things move forward. “The Veracity Elasticity” is just the first step in this endeavor. But given how early in the season it is, it should be safe to predict that we’ll be seeing another major milestone between the couple sooner rather than later.

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