‘The Big Bang Theory’ Recap and Reaction: “The Brain Bowl Incubation”


As of the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, we are officially a third of the way done with the tenth season. And just as pivotal as that milestone is, “The Brain Bowl Incubation” is a subtle game-changer in the lives of our favorite nerds. Prepare to gasp in shock and have your heartstrings pulled as romance fills the air in this episode.

A Cosmic Casanova

amy and sheldon in a lab on big-bang-theory

The main plot line of “The Brain Bowl Incubation” stems from Amy making functioning brain cells by synthesizing some of her and Sheldon’s skin cells. The results are an incredible testament to their intelligence, which spurs Sheldon into wanting to make a baby with her. The rest of the episode consists of him making various attempts to seduce Amy, which she willfully rejects.

Speaking for Shamy fans, this episode is like an incredible dream come true. Just a few seasons ago we never would’ve considered that Sheldon would go out of his way to willingly try to procreate with Amy, but here we are. Sheldon’s eagerness to do so right away in Amy’s lab was a jaw-dropping shock. But even better was when Amy comes home to a trail of rose petals leading to a debonair Sheldon in an undone tuxedo holding brandy with jazz playing. It’s amazing how well she resists him, considering that he looks like long-awaited eye-candy.

For her part, Amy appears to be frustrated by his attempts, which is perfectly okay. She’s not ready to have a baby yet, and it’s good to see female characters like her stand up for their own bodies. Even so, as a fan, it was a happy relief when Amy left the apartment after Sheldon danced the flamenco for her and she fanned herself while saying, “That was a close one.” While she should wait until she’s ready for a baby, it was exciting to see that she wasn’t mad at Sheldon and that his charm was working on her.

A Conflicting Attraction


The second plot line of the episode focuses on Raj. While working in the telescope room, he meets Isabella, a janitor at Caltech. There’s an instant attraction, but when Raj tells his friends about her, he ashamedly lies and says that she’s an astronomer. Later, he convinces her to have dinner with him in the telescope room since he already cleaned the hall so she could have time. Unfortunately, Howard interrupts the date and innocently reveals Raj’s lie. Isabella leaves angry, but Raj stops and convinces her to let him take her to a real dinner so she can see the real him.

Raj seems to have gotten over his previous breakup with Emily pretty quickly, but it’s cute to see him so enamored with someone new. He and Isabella make a good pair. However, if they are to have any chance at actually working, Raj will need to set aside his elitist upbringing and accept the fact that she’s a janitor.

“The Brain Bowl Incubation” is certainly one of the spicier episodes of season ten. Shamy fans’ hearts everywhere must still be thudding loudly over Sheldon the Casanova. And Raj’s latest romantic endeavor seems promising but needs work. Who knows, though? Perhaps we’ll see Isabella again in the near future.

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